Simulate beagleboard through qemu on Ubuntu

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In Ubuntu, qemu is used to simulate beagleboard for QNX/Linux development on beagleboard. The trouble is that you need to connect to the beagleboard Development Board every time you debug it. It is difficult to connect various connections, and you cannot bring it on a business trip. So we are going to simulate beagleboard on Ubuntu through a simulator. was just starting to find the beagleboard where the qemu-omap3, but the installation was a bunch of problems, because the qemu-omap3 asked to use gcc3 for compilation, my Ubuntu is gcc 4, and gcc3 needs to be installed. The installation of gcc3 is difficult. It is not easy to install gcc3, configure the qemu-omap3 and zlib check error, also found that apt-get dependency data is damaged, can not install the new module through apt-get. After the last round of tossing, the system will return to normal. So no longer entangled in qemu-omap3, directly install qemu-system try, found that qemu-system-arm can directly support bealgeboard (omap3530) and beagleboardXM (3630 ). it's really hard work to find the best tie shoes. The installation command is relatively simple. If you have not installed qemu before, run the following two commands to install qemu. $ Sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm $ sudo qpt-get install qemu-kvm-extras I installed qemu on Ubuntu, so you only need the following command: $ sudo qpt-get install qemu-kvm-extras after installation, run the following command to view the supported machines: $ qemu-system-arm-machine? The output results on my side are listed below. If you want to use qemu to simulate an ARM board, you can check whether the machine on your hand can support it. Supported machines are: integratorcp ARM Integrator/CP (ARM926EJ-S) (default) versatilepb ARM Versatile/PB (ARM926EJ-S) versatileab ARM Versatile/AB (ARM926EJ-S) realview-eb ARM RealView Emulation Baseboard (ARM926EJ-S) realview-eb-mpcore ARM RealView Emulation Baseboard (ARM11MPCore) realview-pb-a8 ARM RealView Platform Baseboard for Cortex-A8realview-pbx-a9 ARM RealView Platform Baseboard for C Ortex-A9lm3s811evb Stellaris connector Gumstix Connex (PXA255) verdex Gumstix Verdex (PXA270) akita Akita PDA (PXA270) spitz Spitz PDA (PXA270) borzoi Borzoi PDA (PXA270) terrier Terrier PDA (PXA270) tosa Tosa PDA (metric) beagle Beagle board (OMAP3530) beaglexm Beagle board XM (OMAP3630) overo Gumstix Overo board (OMAP3530) sx1 Siemens SX1 (cost) X1-v1 Siemens SX1 (OMAP310) V1cheetah Palm Tungsten | E aka. cheetah PDA (OMAP310) n800 Nokia N800 tablet aka. RX-34 (OMAP2420) n810 Nokia N810 tablet aka. RX-44 (OMAP2420) n900 Nokia N900 (OMAP3) unzip mainstone Mainstone II (PXA27x) z2 Zipit Z2 (Others) musicpal Marvell 88w8618/MusicPal (ARM926EJ-S) syborg Syborg (Symbian Virtual Platform) vexpress-a9 ARM Versatile Express for Cortex-A9collie Co Llie PDA (SA-1110) later has time to share with you some of my experience simulating beagleboard using qemu. From the keyboardOTA Column

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