Sirloin JavaScript (i)

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See JS Video, once again encounter cow teacher, in the heart very happy. JavaScript is not the first time you have encountered this script language when tapping the news release system. Let me summarize this part of what the cow teacher explained.

Cow Teacher explained the three major structures, order, selection, circulation, through the bank to take money experience, with practice life, in the really praise of the cow teacher.

Here you see what is a compiled language and an explanatory language: for example:

Everyone See, Xiao Ming and Xiao lazy at the same time to see the level six English composition (premise: Two people of the same water, each time is the same composition, and little lazy comrade's English level has not improved. , for the first time, xiaoming is more diligent and Chinese marked, so it will be slower than the small lazy. But what about later? Xiao Ming read this composition speed will be accelerated, and the lazy is still read while reading the dictionary.

Compiled languages: Computers keep programs written in high-level languages in a language that they can understand. (xiaoming)

Explanatory language: The computer does not save the language that it can understand. (Little Lazy)

Next you'll learn about JavaScript components: including radio boxes, checkboxes, buttons, and so on, which need to be practiced to make perfect. Finally there is a bit of knowledge about CSS, not as the focus of the explanation, the next article I will be on the JavaScript regular expression of the detailed interpretation.

Sirloin JavaScript (i)

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