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Domain name resolution set up, usually we can visit our site, the previous article does not detail the server binding domain name process, may not be clear enough, this article inside to do another introduction. At the same time the server-side configuration is introduced (because the various servers are different, there is no way to introduce, according to my experience, to do a general description).

1, Domain name resolution Knowledge Supplement: Server space to the domain name binding

First you have a server space, usually a virtual host, the space has the root directory "/" (in fact, this root directory corresponds to the real server of a subfolder, the contents of this folder you can easily change). In this root directory, you can arbitrarily create subfolders, you can also use FTP, SSH (if supported) to the directory of the file operation.

When you bind a domain name, you will usually be asked to select the site root and then bind a domain name. If you have only one website, you can set the root directory of the domain site directly to bind in the server root directory, that is bound to "/", if you feel that this inconvenient, a bit messy, you can also set binding to a subdirectory, such as bound to "/hainter_ com/". When the binding is complete, when you enter the URL, the root directory of the site is opened, and the index.html is usually opened by default in the site root directory, and if not, open the index.php file (for the server running PHP). In order to test the success of domain name resolution, We can upload a index.html file to the bound site root directory (need to use the FTP service, some servers can manage files online, and some servers may have placed a default index.html in), and then use the browser to visit our site to see if we can display index.html content.

2. Various accounts and permissions

When you start building a website, you may find a variety of accounts. First is the domain name provider website Management account, then the DNS provider website has the account, the purchase server space will have the server space management account (usually is the control Panel account). Take WordPress site Building as an example to introduce some of the things you need to do after entering the control Panel.

The Zpanel Control Panel used by my server

(1) The binding of the domain name.

As I said earlier, bind the domain name to the Web site root directory. Again, the site root directory is different from the server root directory, which is either the server root directory or under the server root directory.

, the site root of the domain name, bound in the server space of the "/hainter/" directory (My Space can only be set to bind a top-level domain name)

(2) FTP account

Configure the FTP account, file root directory, access rights. FTP account You can configure multiple, such as multiple people in the same server space to manage different sites.

Let me give you an example. For example, there may be and two sites on my server, and their site roots are bound to the "/hainter_com/" and "/hainter2_com/" folders on the server, respectively. I can manage these two sites myself, and then the site is managed by someone else's help.

This time, I can give myself to create a new FTP account, the root directory is the root of the server "/", I use the FTP account login, you can manage the two sites at the same time, because I can access the root directory of two sites. Then I create a new account, the root directory is the server "/hainter2_com/", this FTP account to others, others can only manage the site after login, but can not access my site. For this person's FTP account, "/hainter2_com/" is the root directory.

As for the FTP access rights, if it is an administrator, it is generally set to read and write can. If I want to use the server to build an FTP resource sharing site, you can set up a read-only FTP account and public, so that everyone can download through this account I share to everyone's files, but can not delete, modify, add files.

I set the FTP account (my space can only set an FTP account)

(3) configuration of MySQL database

Configuring the MySQL database via phpMyAdmin requires a database management account. Usually we can see the MySQL database option in the Control Panel and click on the settings to enter it. The database is usually separate from the server space, that is, the data in the database, in fact, is not stored in the server root directory, but in a separate space (so the purchase of the server may have to consider the size of the database and other information, of course, for the novice, the first need not too high requirements, Even if the need to consider, did not build a site, the requirements of the database is probably not a concept. Log in to phpMyAdmin, create a new database.

phpMyAdmin Login Interface

phpMyAdmin interface: Create a database, database name can be random, encoding select a can support Chinese encoding, recommended in UTF8 format

Take care of the above accounts, and then you can start using WordPress to build the site.

3. If your control panel is smarter

I said a lot of complicated steps to build the station, configure a variety of accounts. If you buy a server, the provider tells you that they have the so-called one-click Fast Build station function (said very tall, in fact if you figure out WordPress, the principle is not complicated).

For example, foreign suppliers commonly used cpanel panels, which can be installed in the application, WordPress is one of them. Install the application, set the binding domain name, you can go directly to the WordPress interface. Sina SAE can also do so. The whole process does not involve the FTP, the database and so on.

For example, Sina SAE's Application Center, you can directly install WordPress one-click.

Sina SAE Application Center

Site build from scratch (quad) server configuration

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