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Let me talk about myself first, a small programmer in a second-tier city (mainly outsourcing) who has been working for many years and earned a monthly income of 5-6 K. I am mainly engaged in web website development, java, c ++, php, and ruby, and I know a little about it. I like computer games and do not like foreign languages, I have worked in 7 or 8 companies, and now I can only be a small programmer. My friends and family have suggested that I must learn a foreign language well. I have also been enthusiastic and finally I can't do it. The past is hard to look back. Forget it. Let's get to the point.

In March this year, the company had nothing to do and had nothing to do. I had the idea of taking advantage of this time. I had learned about mobile development, html5, flex, and android a long time ago, I have never learned about the iphone, but I am reluctant to spend money on devices. I prefer android. I personally think that everyone in China is fond of free things. android devices are cheap and there is still a huge market without development. Well, there is still money. Okay, just do it. I found some android learning materials, reviewed android development, and started my dream of making a fortune over the past few months.

I play games myself. The idea of the Games is that I have published several games, some advertisements, and even some failed or successful Games. On a successful day, I have downloaded thousands of games, I thought that I had started my own way to make money, but I found that domestic advertising vendors are really not good, just a few, a dozen, so far, I have only obtained 1 or 2 hundred yuan from a few advertisers. If it is not feasible in China, let's go abroad. If foreigners have money, I don't care about this small money. I will change advertisers to admob, admob is a big company. It's cool to get down under a big tree. Haha, it took a great deal of money to send the app to the android market. In addition to more than $2 on the day of release, it is not as good as in China at other times, one day, there was only $0.02. It was so angry. Think about this kind of day, I can't sleep for a few nights. It is more appropriate to use warm boiled frogs. The money is not enough, and enthusiasm is wiped out. One night, I chatted with a person who is also engaged in android development. He said that he had thousands of downloads every day, but he could not make any money. After a long time, he told me to use wanpu, look okay, Wan Pu? I can also name several domestic advertisers, but for the first time I heard of wanpu, can I make money? I'm skeptical. I should have earned much more than you do now. He gave me another 10 thousand customer service QQ number. It's so late that the customer service is still online. I consulted with the customer service, I learned that if I transfer an app, an app will be rewarded with 50 yuan or XX yuan. No matter what it is, it will be a good bet! I immediately registered a 10 thousand-plus developer account, and changed all of my game ads to the hichina platform overnight. I 've been working until AM, uploading applications, and waiting for rewards, I don't have much hope. If I don't want to make any money, I can't change my advertising platform. After I finish my work, I will go to bed.

Now we can see that wanpu is really good. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Just paste a few pictures.


Personal income range statistics


Daily statistics of a single application


I personally think that the income is okay. My current monthly salary is only 5-6 K, and my monthly salary is paid. The extra benefits earned by amateur development will soon catch up with my salary. You can catch up with the salary of senior programmers, huh, huh. Wanpu features I am a small programmer did not dare to comment, so that everyone may be made bricks, you can try, leave a personal contact me msn: (The unit does not allow qq ). If you have any good ideas, please feel free to contact me.

Finally, I would like to recommend millennialmedia, a foreign admob. I personally feel that it is more profitable than admob, and I will not comment on it. This is not what a small programmer does. Paste a picture.


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