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BKJIA special article] with the release of the Community Linux version Debian7.0.0 stable version, I have downloaded and installed it like many Linux system enthusiasts. Now we have some minor problems and solutions for editing, hoping to help more Linux fans feel the stability and charm of the Linux operating system.

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1. Time Zone settings

When Debian 7.0 is installed, even though the China time zone and non-UTC clock are selected, an error still occurs after the machine is installed and started. Therefore, you need to adjust the clock to the current time, at the same time, you need to modify the file/etc/default/rcS and add the UTC = no parameter to the file.

2. Common users use KVM to report errors

In Debian 7.0, when a common user uses the virt-manager Virtual System manager, an error is reported, but the user can switch to the root user for normal use. In fact, this problem is about user permissions. virt-manager Virtual System manager requires libvirt group users for normal use and management, therefore, you only need to execute the useradd-g libvirt birdofprey command to use the VM management tool normally.

Command mode:

  1. useradd -g libvirt birdofprey 

Birdofprey is the user name that requires virt-manager Virtual System manager.

3. PPTP dial-up and FTP problems cannot be performed normally when the client uses NAT for network connection in KVM.

In KVM, the client uses the Bridge Mode for network connection. PPTP dialing and FTP are all correct. After being changed to the NAT mode, the KVM client encounters a 619 error when using PPTP dialing, the Error 500 cannot be logged on to the FTP server. The cause of this problem is that pptp vpn uses the GRE protocol, which is the same as TCP/UDP protocol. Because the GRE protocol does not have a port concept, LINUX cannot disguise IP addresses like TCP/UDP. Therefore, the pptp vpn Client behind the LINUX gateway will always encounter this problem when connecting to the vpn. That is, the so-called pptp pass through pptp vpn protocol NAT penetration problem !, To solve this problem, you need to add the following lines to the/etc/modules file of Debian7:

  1. ip_nat_pptp 
  2. ip_conntrack_pptp 
  3. ip_conntrack_ftp 
  4. ip_nat_ftp 

In this way, iptables automatically loads the above four NAT penetration modules at each start. The 619 and 500 errors that existed earlier during PPTP dial-up and FTP access on the KVM client in NAT mode are solved again.

4. GNOME3 taskbar and title bar widening

Debian 7.0 is installed on GNOME 3.4.2 desktop by default. By default, you will find that the desktop taskbar and title bar of the desktop system are too wide, which affects the appearance of the screen and wastes the effective width of the screen display, to solve this problem, we can optimize it in the following ways.

Task Bar optimization:

Using vi/usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css, find the following line directly:

  1. #panel { 
  2. background-color: black; 
  3. font-weight: bold; 
  4. height: 1.28em; 

Change the original height: 1.68em; to height: 1.28em; press ALT + F2 to input r, and the desktop should look good.

Title Bar optimization:

Enter the following content in the terminal:

  1. sed -i "/title_vertical_pad/s/value=\"[0-9]\{1,2\}\"/value=\"0\"/g" /usr/share/themes/Adwaita/metacity-1/metacity-theme-3.xml 

Then press ALT + F2 and enter r. You can just start the desktop directly.

5. install the GNOME-SHELL plug-in netspeed and Coverflow Alt-Tab. The website reports that You do not appear to have an up to date version of GNOME3. You won't be able to install extensions from here. see the about pagefor more information. error.

As one of the important features of GNOME3 desktop system, GNOME-SHELL brings a lot of different experiences and experiences to users. Its plug-in is very convenient after being installed in 3.6, you only need to log ON to the website through the web page to turn ON the corresponding plug-in switch to the ON location, then the system will automatically create the plug-in function for you in the local system. But In Debian 7.0, because GNOME version is GNOME3.4.2, the website will prompt You do not appear to have an up to date version of GNOME3. You won't be able to install extensions from here. see the about pagefor more information. Therefore, you must manually install the above two plug-in packages.

First in the catalog directory, set the file directory to XXX@XXX.XX mode, and then enable it with the tweak tool.

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