Solve the problem that Oracle 10g em cannot be started in win7

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The problem is,

Oracle had to be installed some days ago due to learning needs,

However, the downloaded Oracle 9i R1 cannot be installed in my win7 environment,

Since I cannot bear win7 (I don't want to switch back to XP), I installed Oracle 10g R2,

But when I got the Oracle 10 Gb EM (Enterprise Manager) today,

This means that EM cannot be enabled,

Http: // Xiaozhen-PC: 1158/em

The default em is always inaccessible, and I checked the service again,

I found that the dbconsole service was started,

So I don't think this is a service problem,

However, I still force the operating system commandEmctl start dbconsole

To start the Enterprise Manager Console process,

An error is reported, indicating that oracle_sid is not defined. The error message indicates that oracle_sid is not defined,

In this case, Let me define my oracle_sid,

First find the pathD: \ oracle \ product \ 10.2.0 \ db_1 \ productname \ J2EE

The content includes a file

From the above, I can see that my global database is named Oracle (this is entered when the database is created)

So I also set oracle_sid to the global database name,

In the above file, we can know that my machine name is Xiaozhen-PC.

After I set oracle_sid, the system prompts that no directory is found in the preceding directory,

However, there is only oneOC4J_DBConsole_XiaoZhen-PC_Oracle path


So I will set the hostname of Oracle again.

Then I am running the operating system commandEmctl start dbconsoleYou can see that the operation is successful.

Then I access em, that is, http: // Xiaozhen-PC: 1158/em. Now the access is successful,

Make a summary of the above solution,

If Oracle's dbconsole service is started but em is still inaccessible,

It is very likely that the SID and hostname of the database are inconsistent with those defined in your database file,

As a result, access fails,

You can solve this problem by modifying oracle_sid and oracle_hostname !!!


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