Some daily practical operations of DB2 database (1)

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The following article mainly tells you about some daily practical operations of the DB2 database. I accidentally found a daily practical operation on the DB2 database on a website a few days ago, so I will share it with you today, the following is a description of the specific solution. I hope it will help you in your future study.

1. Load data:

Export to tempfile of del select * from TABLENAME where not clearing condition;

  1. load from tempfile of del modified by delprioritychar replace into TABLENAME nonrecoverable; 


When the export data of unrelated data tables is export, it can be in the form of concurrency to improve efficiency;

TABLENAME indicates the name of the table to be cleared;

Modified by delprioritychar prevents the database records from being loaded due to line breaks;

Replace into replaces the content in the current DB2 database with the content of the data file;

Nonrecoverable load without logs;

2. Search for the current application:

  1. db2 list application |grep BTPDBS; 

3. Delete the application currently in use:

  1. db2 "force application (Id1,Id2,Id3)" 

Id1, Id2, and Id3 are the application numbers displayed in the List;

4. view the execution status of the current application number:

  1. db2 get snapshot for application agentid 299 |grep Row 

5. view database parameters:

Db2 get db cfg for // The current DB2 database can be omitted

6. Modify the Database Log Data:

Db2 update db cfg using <Parameter Name> <parameter value>

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