Sort broadcast knowledge and broadcast knowledge

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Sort broadcast knowledge and broadcast knowledge

Sort broadcast knowledge.

Specific knowledge points can be supplemented with time


How to organize knowledge

Organize the knowledge framework and summarize the problem-solving methods

Grasp the key points of memory knowledge

The key points of the study memory knowledge include numbers, theories, transformations, definitions, theorems, and formulas, idioms, speech, and ancient virtual Words in Chinese, English vocabulary, phrases, fixed collocation, and usage habits, there are many ways to quickly restore historical events, topographic maps, and current affairs in political and historical regions, and consolidate and expand memory knowledge, according to the students' learning habits, accumulation of materials, and distribution of time, Director Chen suggested that the knowledge grid should be well organized and complete, you can focus on your own knowledge grid or notes to quickly wake up your long-standing knowledge. Students who have accumulated less materials can focus on textbooks, you can use the bibliography to review the key points of knowledge that you have already learned and try to write them in silence, such as formulas. Students with plenty of time can use these two points for cross-memorizing, or you can use it to quickly read the textbooks for a warm-up purpose. The restoration of memory knowledge points should be comprehensive, and the system should not leave a dead corner or a blind zone. Do not be lucky enough to do it in a down-to-earth Manner. You can use it flexibly only when your memory is clear.

Induction of problem solving ideas and Question Types

Make sure to take time out before the examination to quickly browse the basic questions and typical questions that have been done in each section in the high school for three years, systematically summarize and summarize the questions that have strong problem-solving skills, you should try to read it several times, quickly review and cross-comparison. For questions with multiple solutions, we need to analyze and compare and extract the best solution for backup to prevent mistakes. It is of great help to broaden the thinking of candidates and improve the ability to respond to on-site examinations.

In addition, in the three years of high school, the various subjects have encountered the wrong questions, difficulties, and lightning reading, if time permits, it is worthwhile to read it several times more, there is no harm. It can prevent repeated habitual errors, and the maximum score is obtained if the score is not lost.

Standardize the answer steps and problem-solving process

A considerable number of students each year. After the college entrance examination, they thought they had a good test and scored well. However, once the score is completed, the actual score differs greatly from the score. In fact, these students have made a serious and even fatal shortcoming, that is, the answer is not standardized, the key points are missed, the steps are missed, the work is reduced, and a mess is written. Clearly, you will do what you can do, but you will lose a lot of points. Therefore, you may subconsciously look up the past incorrect question points and standardize the exercise habits, you can avoid losing the score for the question.

In addition, we should select three sets of difficult papers, strictly follow the requirements of the College Entrance Examination. Within the actual time period equivalent to the college entrance examination, the answer time will be stuck, the formal problem solving will be conducted, and the psychological adjustment and status adjustment of the candidates will be made, it is helpful to maintain a sense of question and feel.

Incorrect sorting of knowledge points

I think there are not many incorrect answers. If the question is wrong, first analyze the cause of the error, and then solve the problem from the middle school. It is recommended that you simply record the question. When the question set reaches a certain number, the question is the most wrong part, the cause is the most, and the classification is organized. If there are too many questions, you must choose the most representative ones, otherwise, it would be a waste of time to review.
Summary notes. If you have time, sort it out. However, I suggest using Lenovo to draw a tree chart to help you remember it. For example, in an age, you could think of the foreign countries in China that year, and there was a hero who did something amazing. Then I think of my hometown. Then I thought about the geographical longitude and latitude of his hometown, the significance of the event, and so on... but to avoid wasting time out of thin air, it is necessary to write down several central words.
What is the test research? To tell the truth, I really don't know, Khan ~
Then I will reiterate that volume is not fundamental and organization is the most important!
As a child of Bayi, I received an education from an early age: stable! Accurate! Sorry! Sharing ~
Redo it once every week or two weeks. Do not check it !~
Before the examination, I will focus on it. If I have time, I will do it again. If I have not enough time, I will cover the answer and recall the problem-solving process and methods.

The above is handmade.
As a matter of fact, I was a senior student at school, and I had an axe in front of my brother and sister.
However, this is all about my experience. For example, A1 really helped me a lot during my sprint with a written examination. Everyone communicates with each other and makes progress together! Come on!

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