Sort mobile development tools and end development tools

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Sort mobile development tools and end development tools
1. App prototype tool

The prototype presents the core functions of a product in a "rough" manner, and is the simplest and straightforward form of demand presentation. The requirement is presented in a graphical manner. The requirement personnel can obtain the requirement from the customer, the boss's requirement for making decisions, or determine the requirement through surveys, make sure that the requirement you know is "correct". The fastest way is to design a prototype and then use it as a sample for the customer or the boss to verify the correctness of the requirement. Prototyping is a basic skill that business personnel should master.

Based on the characteristics of the prototype, there is a basic requirement for prototyping tools: High Efficiency

A prototype is a product of the demand analysis stage. In this stage, the most important thing is to discuss the requirements and confirm the requirements repeatedly. The prototype, as a graphical representation of the requirements, must also be modified as the requirements change, therefore, prototype tools must be able to quickly design and modify the prototype.


1.1 Axure RP

Axure RP is the flagship product of Axure Software Solution in the United States. It is a professional Rapid Prototyping Tool. Axure's visual work environment allows you to create line diagrams with annotations without programming, you can define simple connections and advanced interactions in the online diagram. Based on the online block diagram, You can automatically generate HTML prototype and Word format specifications.

In addition, the preview and release functions are also supported.

Axure also supports App prototype, which can be designed by importing App prototype components. However, he has a major drawback: It is difficult to preview and test the exported HTML page on the mobile phone. This is a fatal injury to Axure and can only be used as a mobile product prototype on the computer, after the product is ready, you cannot preview it on your mobile phone. The prototype of the product is far from the actual product;

Axure RP7 Main Interface


Axure RP7.0:

1.2 Mockplus

A simple and quick prototyping tool. Suitable for Software Teams and individuals in the software development and design phases. Its minimum living condition is true, which requires no learning, quick start, and sufficient functions. And can express your design well. Mockplus is a simple and efficient prototype production tool. The slogan is "concise and efficient prototype design tools, focusing on design rather than tools ".

Product philosophy: "Focus on design, not tools ". When it comes to getting started, design and design can all express creativity.

Software innovation: Review collaboration. Create a prototype map, invite, and annotate the map nails, and then you can work together. All discussions, comments, and versions will be retained.

Official Address:

Online moderator interface:

2. Mobile front-end framework

2.1 Bootstrap

Bootstrap was developed based on HTML5 + CSS3. Based on Jquery, Bootstrap improved its humanization and personalization to form its own unique website style.

Bootstrap is an open-source framework of the twitter front-end development team. It is not exactly about mobile web. Unlike Jquery mobile, Bootstrap is mainly designed for front-end agile development, however, Bootstrap effectively solves the adaptive layout problem, so that Bootstrap-based projects can be displayed on the mobile platform. This Adaptive Layout also has a solution in Jquery mobile. Bootstrap does not provide more mobile platform components.

Bootstrap net:


2.2 JQuery mobile

JQuery mobile is an open-source product developed by jquery for the mobile web field. It not only brings jQuery core libraries to mainstream mobile platforms, but also releases a complete and unified jQuery Mobile UI framework. Supports mainstream mobile platforms around the world.

JQuery mobile official address:

W3CSCHOOL jQuery mobile Tutorial:

2.3 Kendo ui

Mobile HTML5 development frameworks with UI emerge one after another. Common development frameworks include Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile. The former has good effects, charges, and high learning costs. The latter has average effects, but has good compatibility and is free of charge, the learning cost is low, and jquery students can get started quickly. In fact, there is also a framework named Kendo UI between the two.

Kendoui is better than jquery Mobile. kendoui uses SenchaTouch, but the learning cost also applies to it. It is used for quick HTML5 UI development. It includes everything necessary to develop modern JavaScript. Including: powerful data sources, common drag functions, modules and UI controls.

2.4 Mui

I found the front-end framework developed by Chinese people when I looked for relevant information online. I have never used it, but I want to organize it here. I think I can pay attention to the development of Chinese people in this area. HTML5 + MUI + HBuilder


3. Mobile phone Simulator

Simple definition: WAP browser on PC. It allows users to directly access the mobile WAP website without having to install any browsers or plug-ins on their computers, eliminating the need to activate GPRS for mobile phones, allowing you to browse the WAP website at a Web site speed, if you have a website (webpage), you can add the code to your website (just copy the generated html code and insert the location where the webpage responds to the source code ).

I used the Ruo-Leopard mobile phone simulator during the page style debugging process. The biggest benefit of this software is to quickly and conveniently view the display of the page on the mobile end in the PC segment, it is a rough display, which is indeed more convenient and quick.

RuO leopard phone simulator online address:

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