SQL Server 2005 finally out of RTM.

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Server sql ServerThe latest release was five years ago. The arrival of this product has been postponed several times.
Finally, last week, Microsoft released the long-awaited final version of SQL Server 2005 on Thursday, as well as Visual Studio 2005 and Biztalk 2006, one weeks ahead of the scheduled November 11 official release date.
From the first day of development of SQL Server 2005, Microsoft has developed a long development cycle to enhance its confidence. As the report says, database mirroring is not part of RTM. Microsoft officials say they took it off. characteristic, because it does not meet the performance criteria they set for this product.
While many companies are not rushing to buy and use SQL Server 2005, in earlier conversations, Donald Feinberg, vice president and senior analyst at Gartner, the US Connecticut State Stamford, said the software's comments were positive.
"I've talked to a lot of customers who have used early products," Feinberg said. "Any one will be from BetaVersion to use the formal product is really believed in it. ”
Microsoft wants SQL Server 2005 to be attractive to businesses that are typically customers of Oracle and IBM database technology, and Oracle and IBM database technologies contain similar data management and business intelligence tools that are not available in SQL Server 2000.
Microsoft also introduced for those from Oracle and DB2 platforms, and Sybase ASE, HitachiHirdb and FujitsuSynfoware customer's special pricing, reduced to the standard version of the licensing fee of 25%, if the same enterprise version and Customer Access License, then purchased at full price software security authorization on the basis of a discount of 50%.
Even without a discount, even if Microsoft has increased the price of 25%,sql Server 2005 for each processor in this version relative to the previous price, it is also an advantage for Oracle.
"If Oracle's price for each CPU is 40,000 dollars, it's a big difference compared to 25,000 dollars in SQL Server," Feinberg said. "In addition, Oracle has many more expensive add-on packages." Microsoft is not. 25,000 dollars will cover all of it. ”
Feinberg said that SQL Server 2005 was earlier designed to accommodate a relatively small database size, from 10 to 20GB databases to 2TB databases. The good result of those big users is a great deal of patience with Microsoft's strategy.
"Today, they have a lot of big customers--not very much, a lot--they're using SQL Server," Feinberg said. "The new version has better performance and, more importantly, the ability to manage large databases, and Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 will be a strong competitor for Oracle and IBM to compete for large applications." ”
In addition, Microsoft has named Bob Muglia as Senior vice president of Server and tool business. In the past, Muglia was solely responsible for SQL Server in addition to other products. This transfer will take effect one weeks after the official release of SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005.

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