SQL Server Basics 33 Q (15-21)

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15. Can the stored procedure call itself, or may there be recursive stored procedures? How many layers can SP nesting up to?

Answer: Yes. Because Transact-SQL supports recursion, you can write stored procedures that can invoke yourself. Hostility can be defined as a problem-solving approach, where the problem is solved by constantly invoking itself on a subset of the problem. Nesting (Nest) is formed when a stored procedure invokes another stored procedure or executes the CLR's routine, type, or aggregate. You can nest stored procedures or managed code at a level of 32 layers.

16. What is log shipping?

A: Log shipping is a process that automatically backs up the database and transaction log files on a production environment and then restores them to another standby server. The Enterprise Edition supports log shipping. In log shipping, the transaction log on one machine is automatically updated to a backup database on another server. If one server fail, then the other server will have the same DB and can be used as part of the disaster recovery plan. The key feature of log shipping is that it automatically backs up transaction logs throughout the day and automatically restore them to the standby server at a predetermined time interval.

17. Give three ways to get the record entries in the table?


COUNTobject_id (table1    2

18. What does the switch QUOTED_IDENTIFIER open mean? What does it mean to turn it off?


When SET quoted_identifier on, identifiers can be separated by double quotation marks (double quotation mark), and the literal text (literal) must be enclosed in quotation marks (single quotation mark). When QUOTED_IDENTIFIER is off, identifiers cannot be enclosed, and all rules for identifiers (identifier) in Transact SQL must be followed.



SQL Server-common interview Questions and Answers


SQL Server Basics 33 Q (15-21)

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