Sublime Quick Start jump to associated files, sublime jump

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Sublime Quick Start jump to associated files, sublime jump
The next web Front-end is recently written to the front-end using the sublime text2 editor. Due to the large number of pages and large projects, many reference files and some js teample templates are inevitable.

Problem: When writing code in Sublime Text, you need to press ctrl + p to find the link to the associated file. If there are multiple projects ., all matching files will be searched in these projects, which is not very refreshing.

I did not find a good plug-in for a long time on the Internet, so I wrote a plug-in for use. I felt quite comfortable. I uploaded it to github and recommended it.



Download the compressed file or clone git .. Put all the files in the SearchFile folder. In the packagesfolder folder, click Preferences> Browse Pakacge on the menu bar.

After restarting sublime, you can find SerachFile setting parameters and shortcuts in Preferences --> Pakacge Settings. The default shortcut is alt + m.

Configure the root parameter in SearchFile. sublime-setttings to your website root directory. The slash is replaced by \, and then can be used.


Click or select the path of the require file in the css file or js file, and press alt + m to find it.

You can choose to enable multiple locations at the same time.

For example, you can choose to open all the files added with a single point of failure (spof) at the same time.

@import url("profile/user-card.css");@import url("profile/list_charts.css");@import url("learn/public-class-open.css");@import url("learn/today-task.css");

Or select the following area.


Can be opened quickly

You can also open files relative to the project root directory.

For example, adding a slash indicates the path relative to the root directory in the configuration file.


This plug-in is not easy to use. Thank you ~~~~

^. ^

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