Summary of common operations of MongoDB in PHP

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This article is mainly to MongoDB in PHP in the common operation of a detailed summary of the introduction, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you

$mongodb = new Mongo ();

$connection = new Mongo ("$dburl: $port"); Connect to a remote host (default port)

$mydb = $mongodb->mydb; Implicitly create a database mydb

$mydb = $mongodb->selectdb ("MyDB"); Directly select a database that already exists

$collection = $mydb->mycollect; Select the collected anthology, if not present, automatically create

$collection = $db->selectcollection (' mydb '); Select only, do not create

Insert new record

$collection->insert (Array ("name" => "L4yn3", "Age" => "ten", "Sex": "Unknow"));

Modify Records

$where = Array ("name" => "L4yn3");

$update _item = Array (' $set ' =>array ("Age" => ", Sex": "secret"));

$collection->update ($where, $update _item);

$options [' multiple '] = true; Default is False, do you want to change a matching multiline

$collection->update ($where, $update _item, $options);

Query records

$myinfo = $collection->findone (Array ("name" => "L4yn3"));

$myinfo = $collection->findone (Array ("name" =>

"L4yn3"), Array ("Age" => "15"));

Find by Condition:

$query = Array ("name" => "L4yn3");

$cursor = $collection->find ($query); Find documents that meet $query in the $collectio collection

while ($cursor->hasnext ())


Var_dump ($cursor->getnext ()); Returned the array


Returns the number of document records

$collection->count ();

To delete a database:

$connection->dropdb ("...");

List all available databases:

$m->listdbs (); No return value

Close connection:

$connection->close ();

PHP various connection MongoDB database parameter way

Connect localhost:27017

$conn = new Mongo ();

Connecting to the remote host default port

$conn = new Mongo (' ');

Connecting to remote host port 22011

$conn = new Mongo (' ');

MongoDB has user name password

$conn = new Mongo ("Mongodb://${username}:${password} @localhost")

MongoDB has a username password and specifies a database blog

$conn = new Mongo ("Mongodb://${username}:${password} @localhost/blog");

Multiple servers

$conn = new Mongo ("mongodb://localhost:27017,localhost:27018");

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