Summary of HTML

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Basic structure

The base tag has html,head,body.

Eligible HTML pages:

<!DOCTYPE HTML><HTMLLang= "en"><Head>    <MetaCharSet= "UTF-8">    <Metaname= "keywords"content= "Keyword 1, keyword 2, ..." />    <Metaname= "description"content= "Content Introduction" />    <title>Here is the title</title></Head><Body>here is the content</Body></HTML>

HTML Common Tags

1. NewLine character <br/>


2. Paragraph

<align= "center"> This is a paragraph </p  >

Property Align

Line alignment (left, right, center)

3. Title

<H1>Title 1</H1>        <H2>Title 2</H2><H3>Title 3</H3><h4>Title 4</h4><h5>Title 5</h5><h6>Title 6</h6>

4. Formatting of text

<b>Define bold text</b><I>Defining italic text</I><del>Define Delete text</del><sup>defining superscript words</sup><Sub>Define the subscript Word</Sub>

5. Links

<href= "URL"></a>


HREF defines the link address

Title Link Tip Information

Target link open mode (_blank new blank page, _self current page, _top)

General use:

<href= "about.html"></a>     

Other applications:

<ahref= "mailto: email address">Mail link</a><ahref= "Tel: phone number">One-click dialing</a><ahref= "Sms:139xxxxxxx">Send SMS with one click</a>

6, Anchor Point

The anchor label is used to "jump" the user to a portion of the document.

<href= "#位置名"></a><  name= "Location name"></a>  

7. Image

<src= "URL"  width= "  height= " Alt= "Alternate text"/>


src defines the URL of the image

Alt defines alternate text for an image

Width set the size of the image

Height sets the altitude of the image

./            Current directory: /            go back to the previous level directory images/            into the first level directory. /images/            back to the previous level and then into the images directory

9. Image Hot Zone

<imgsrc= "URL"Usemap= "# map name" /><Mapname= "Map name">    < AreaShape= "Shape"coords= "Coordinate value"href= "URL" /></Map>


Shape Hot Zone shapes (rect, circle, Poly)

coords the coordinate value of the shape

10. HTML Entity Characters

greater than sign (>)     &gt; less than (<)     &lt;     Quotation marks (")       &quot; Registered trademark (®)    &reg; Copyright (©)       &copy;& No.           

11. Unordered List

  <ul>    <Li>......</Li>    <Li>......</Li>    <Li>......</Li></ul>

Property Type

Attribute value disc (solid circle) circle (Hollow Garden) square (square)

12. Ordered list

 <  ol  >  <  li  >  ... </ li  >  <  li  >  ... </ li  >  <  li  >  ... </ li  >  </ ol  >  

Property Type

Attribute values 1, a, a, I, I

Start value of property start sort


Definition List

<DL>    <DT>Html</DT>    <DD>HTML is Hypertext Markup language</DD>    <DT>Xhtml</DT>    <DD>Extensible Hypertext Markup Language</DD>    <DD>Behaves like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), but is more restrictive in syntax</DD></DL>

14. HTML Table

<TableBorder= "1">    <TR>      <TD>Row 1, Cell 1</TD>      <TD>Row 1, Cell 2</TD>    </TR>    <TR>      <TD>Row 2, Cell 1</TD>      <TD>Row 2, Cell 2</TD>    </TR></Table>

<table> Define tables <th> define headers <tr> define table rows <td> define table cells

Specific properties: Table Links

15. <iframe> Inline Frame

It can display a Web page in another page.

<src= "url"  frameborder= "0"  width= " Height = "+" scrolling = "Yes" ></ iframe > scrolling Optional: Yes,no,auto. Sets whether scroll bars are displayed. 

16. Form form

<action= "url"  method= "POST"  enctype= "multipart /form-data "  target=" _blank "></form>

Property Description
Name of the form
Action Form Submit Address
Method form data Submission (GET, POST)
Enctype MIME Type
Target Open mode

17. Input form elements and other elements in form forms


Summary of HTML

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