Summary of new features for Android 4.3 debut in 9th day of this month

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Abstract:It is reported that Samsung is currently testing Android 4.3. The native version of Galaxy S4 and HTC One, which will be delivered in July 9, will be equipped with the system. According to the known information, the new system significantly modifies the UI and only improves the camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, and font.

Recently, Android 4.3 jelly bean was run on Galaxy S4. Samsung is currently testing Android 4.3. The native version of Galaxy S4 and HTC One delivered in July 9 may be equipped with a new version of the system. According to the leaked information, the android 4.3 interface has not changed much, and the camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, and other functions have been improved.

Camera: allows you to take a photo with the volume key.

The camera UI changes little. The biggest change is the camera setting bar, which is changed from the circular setting column in Android 4.2 to the semi-circular setting column. However, compared with Samsung's touchwiz and HTC Sense, there are still few native camera applications. In this upgrade, Android adds a physical photo key. For example, a mobile phone with no physical buttons on the front of the fuselage such as Galaxy Nexus can be used to control the photo in the future.

Always search for Wi-Fi signals

Go to the advanced settings of WiFi and you will find a strange option-"always search for a signal (scanning always available )". This means that your wifi will remain on, so that the application can obtain the approximate location information of the user. Many people may think that this setting will consume a lot of power. Otherwise, WiFi positioning will consume much less power than GPS chip positioning. Of course, if you still think that this setting is the same, you can also disable it in advanced settings.

WiFi Advanced Settings

Low-energy Bluetooth

It has been rumored that android 4.3 will be added to the Bluetooth Low energy function, and developers can develop more derivative applications based on the open APIs. In the android 4.3 system information application, the process named "android. Hardware. javasth_le" appears, which indicates that it has been officially added to Android 4.3.

Improved font

In addition to functional changes, Android 4.3 further improved the Roboto font. The Roboto file in Android 4.3 is 30% larger than that in Android 4.2.2, because the new version of the system adds 15 additional fonts. At the same time, Android 4.3 adjusted the width of some letters and the curvature of lowercase letters and punctuation marks.

Comparison of letters and symbols in Android 4.2.2 (left side) and Android 4.3

In addition, Android 4.3 has added some new developer settings, some of which are mentioned in Google I/O this year. For example, change "community broadcast" to "mobile broadcast ". In short, Android 4.3 has not brought many surprises. It is more about the improvement of the details and has not re-designed the interface.

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