Summary of Oracle 11g installation issues

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Test environment: Win7 64-bit flagship +JDK7 (64-bit)

Installed software: Oracle 11g R2 64-bit

Follow the online general tutorial installation completed database, found a bunch of problems, close up this note.

1, using SQL Developer login, error:

Because the system is prompted to find Sqldeveloper.bat this file, I began to think that the system is pointing to the wrong path, so want to reposition the location of the file, and later found that the file does not exist on my computer, inadvertently see the Sqlplus shortcut to the corresponding EXE file, and then I brainwave, put this SQL The Deverloper shortcut points to its corresponding EXE file.

2, change the direction of the path after the discovery and error.

Problems with Java virtual machines? A friend told me:

The Oracle SQL developer is Not supported on bits JDK . To solve it, install a-bits/x86 JDK and update your SQL developer config file, so-it points to the-the-bits jdk.

In other words, Oracle does not support 64-bit JDK. Because my computer is a 64-bit system, so I installed the JDK are 64-bit, so reported this error, I think the 32-bit system of friends, should not have such a problem.

Now you only need to download a 32-bit SQL developer, then unzip the location of the Sqldeveloper in the previous installation folder.

OK now the problem that sqldeveloper can't log on is solved.

And then I started installing plsql. Okay, here's the problem.

Installation Plsql After the landing, there is an error!!!

The above tips are very clear, let me confirm that I am not a 32-bit client. Know the problem is good to do, to the Oracle official website under a corresponding version of the 32-bit client.

1. Unzip to the folder where Oracle is installed. I put the position is:D:\oracle\product\instantclient_11_2;

2. Copy the Tnsnames.ora (located in%oracle_home%\network\admin) from the Oracle installation directory to this directory.

3. Enter PL/SQL (no login is allowed), select Tools>>preferences. menu, set Oracle_home and OCI library to the first step to install the 32-bit client directory as shown in:

Next you start configuring environment variables:

Nsl_lang = American_america. ZHS16GBK (This is the encoding method, online said do not change, otherwise it will appear garbled)

Tns_admin = D:\oracle\product\instantclient_11_2 (This is the path after the decompression of my client)

Then restart Plsql. Log in again. The problem is solved.

Summary of Oracle 11g installation issues

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