Sz/rz toolkit for SecureCRT installation in CentOS

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Automatic yum installation:

Yum install lrzsz

The manual installation method is as follows:

In customized linux, The rzsz package may not be installed on the system, which is especially inconvenient for transferring files using windows tools such as securecrt. To use this convenient method, you can install it manually.

1. Download Software rzsz-3.48.tar.gz. Log on to linux and run the following command:


2. Decompress tar zxvf rzsz-3.48.tar.gz

3. Install cd rzsz-3.48; make posix. Note: The installation of this software is different from the conventional GNU software-No configure or make install (installation process ). Run make to check the parameters in Makefile.

Select posix or linux for centos.

After I make it, It shows-bash: make: command not found.

It seems that no compiler is installed by default in CentOS. install yum-y install gcc automake autoconf libtool make in SSH.

View Source Code print help 01 [root @ miao src] # make posix

02 cc-O-DPOSIX-DMD = 2 rz. c-o rz

03 size rz

04 text data bss dec hex filename

05 25444 648 10464 36556 8ecc rz

06 rm-f rb rx rc

07 ln rz rb

08 ln rz rx

09 ln rz rc

10 cc-O-DPOSIX sz. c-o sz

11 size sz

12 text data bss dec hex filename

13 30565 708 43072 74345 sz

14 rm-f sb sx zcommand zcommandi

15 ln sz sb

16 ln sz sx

17 ln sz zcommand

18 ln sz zcommandi

19 [root @ miao src] #

To facilitate the use of this tool, copy the relevant files to the directory/usr/bin. Here, we only need to copy two files, rz and sz. The command is cp rz sz/usr/bin.

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