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A few days ago when small make up to hear a friend said "didn't expect 2012 so to" when it dawned--2012 really came. No matter what, the new year comes, nature is to say goodbye to the past, facing the future, the old. For someone who's been dealing with computers all day, like a little weave, the old nature is to revolve around the computer, the computer's CPU, graphics, motherboards, such as hardware small series can not easily "quit", but for the keyboard such hardware, small series when "words" do not let-after a year's beat, it should also be cleaned up. This article pictures from: instructables.com

The first thing is to take your computer keyboard off the mainframe, small part of the proposal is to officially clean up before the keyboard back on the desktop, slapping the back of the keyboard, so that those melon seeds shell, soot, biscuits and other unknown objects from the keyboard gap "dumping" out, for those who are more messy desktop, here with "dumping" It's really fit.

Then is to remove the key of the keyboard cap, if there is no special tools, ordinary keyboard can be used as a screwdriver or a knife and other tools to replace the key cap gently pry down.

Take down the key cap. If the position of each key is not very familiar, it is recommended that you take down the key cap in the keyboard placed in place to clean up the installation back.

Because of the key to the structure of the CAP itself, its interior became a perfect place for filth, if you have not cleaned up the keyboard for a long time, then the key cap inside the amount of dirt will make you very surprised.

"Prime Minister Belly can punt", keyboard the longest button-the space bar can naturally install the most dirt.

Use cotton balls dipped in water to clean the surrounding parts of the button base, you can use alcohol and other organic solvents to remove difficult to clean oil.

The surface of each key cap can be cleaned like this with a paper towel, and the inside of the key cap can be cleaned with a cotton swab as on the page.

The ENTER key is the second largest possession of the keys, clean up after also more clean.

Put all the key caps back on, and when you install, be aware of the position and direction of each key.

Pan Wai: Early heard of the mouse and keyboard is the most dirty computer hardware, here may do an experiment to see how dirty the keyboard. Use a cotton swab to scrape the buttons before cleaning and dip them in the culture dish.

In the appropriate temperature and environment, the keys on the bacteria in three days after the growth for colonies, the number of colonies is amazing.

To facilitate comparisons, the same method is used to observe the number of bacteria on the toilets of men and women, in fact, compared to the number of colonies on the keyboard, this is simply dwarfed. Therefore, for your own health, or in the new Year's time to clean up your keyboard.

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