The C language Restricted area program itself deletes itself? It's time to show the real technology of the self-removal

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Self-deletion: As the name implies, this program function is very simple, is to implement the program's self-deletion function.

is not feeling very confused, a program runs on its own, how to shut itself down, and then delete it? By the time you finish your process, you will end up and no longer execute any code. When the program executes, the file is open, and it cannot be deleted. is not to think, ah, can not think of the right.

If you can't figure it out, look for the mirror.

Implementation principle

Program self-deletion implementation of the idea is: The program creates a batch file, and create a process execution, and then the program ends the process, the function of the batch is to delay 5 seconds after the deletion of the specified program and then self-delete. In this way, the program self-deletion function is implemented.

Is it very simple, I'll bring you to realize it

Test case

1. Test Case procedure

It's a Hello world.

2. Batch self-delete files

    • 5 Seconds delay

    • Delete the specified file

    • To delete a batch process itself

Code snippet:

    • data member Definitions:

    • Constructing a batch file path

    • To generate a batch file

    • To create a new process Execution cmd command

All right, that's what this whole thing looks like.

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The C language Restricted area program itself deletes itself? It's time to show the real technology of the self-removal

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