The computer network doesn't even know what's interfering with it.

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Network connection, you check the connection between the cat and the router, as well as the crystal Head and the computer interface is good, if all is OK, then look at your process whether there are unknown process or malicious plug-ins, the malicious plug-ins to find a way to clear, you can access the Internet.

The method of fault diagnosis with Internet is as follows (for example, ADSL)

(1) First check the telephone line has no problem (you can dial a telephone test), if normal, then check whether the signal frequency divider is connected to normal (of which the telephone line to connect lines, telephone phone calls, ADSL Modem Connect modem port).

(2) If the signal divider connection is normal, then check the ADSL modem "power" LED is bright, if not bright, check ' ADSL Modem power switch is open, external power is plugged in good.

(3) If the light, then check the "LINK (sync)" led state is normal (illuminated steady), if not normal, check the ADSL modem of the various connectors are normal (from the signal divider to connect to the ADSL modem line is connected to the line port, and network card to connect the network cable is connected to the LAN port, whether plugged in, if the connection is not correct, reconnect the cable.

(4) If normal, then check the "LAN" or "PC" LED status is normal. If not normal, check the ADSL modem LAN port is good, if connected, then test the network cable is normal, if not normal, replace the network cable; If normal, the computer and ADSL modem shut down 30 seconds later, restart ADSL modem and computer power.

(5) If the failure is still, then click the Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager command, open the Device Manager window, double-click the Network adapters option, open the Network Adapter Properties dialog box, and check for conflicts, enable, or if there is a conflict with the NIC. Adjust the interrupt value for the network card.

If there is software interference (such as installing some wireless software) then you need to open the "Change adapter settings" in the network share center to find the "Local Area Connection" right "properties" (see below) and look for any interference!

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