The difference between http1.0, http1.1 and http2.0

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The difference between http1.1 and http1.0

    • http1.1 default persistent connection, that is, it supports long connections by default, and http1.0 needs to use the keep-alive parameter to tell the server to establish a long connection. HTTP is based on the TCP/IP protocol, which requires three handshakes per build, which can affect performance if each communication requires a new connection. So you can send multiple requests with a long connection.
    • Pipelining, the client can send multiple HTTP requests at the same time without waiting for a response.
    • Also supports the transfer of part of the content, when the client already has a portion of resources, only need to follow the server side to request another part of the resources. This is the basis for supporting file breakpoint continuation.
    • Also 1.1 has the host domain this parameter and 1.0 does not. It is common for Web servers such as Tomat to set up virtual sites, which means that multiple virtual sites on a Web server can share the same IP and port.

The main differences between http2.0 and http1.1

    • Multiplexing: Http2.0 uses multiplexing technology to enable a single connection to process multiple requests concurrently, and the number of concurrent requests is several orders of magnitude larger than 1.1.
    • Data compression: HTTP1.1 does not support header data compression, using the Hpack algorithm to compress the header data, so that the data volume is small, transmission on the network will be faster.
    • Server push: When we request data for a Web server that supports http2.0, the server pushes the other resources needed by the client along with the client, avoiding the need to create a connection send request again, which is a good way to load static resources. (server-side push of these resources actually exist somewhere in the client, the client directly from the local load these resources can be, do not go network, speed is naturally much faster)

The difference between http1.0, http1.1 and http2.0

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