The first part of the "Linux Discovery Tour" quiz

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Content Introduction

1 , the first part of the test question

2, the second part of the first lesson trailer: Terminal terminal, play

10 Test Questions

  1. Let's choose which operating system software is called when the boot?

    A. Booter

    B. bootloader

    C. OS Downloader

    D. Rebooter

  2. Windows and Linux can coexist on a single computer, right?

    A. For

    B. No

  3. Who is the founder of the GNU Project?

    A. Richard Stallman

    B. Bill Gates

    C. Steves Jobs

    D. Roberto Benigni

  4. What system is the common ancestor of MAC OS x and Linux?

    A. Linux

    B. Unix

    C. MS DOS

    D. Windows

  5. Which of the following is a Linux distribution?

    A. Debian

    B. Grub

    C. KDE

    D. Gnome

  6. Which is the default desktop environment/graphical interface for Ubuntu now?

    A. XFCE

    B. KDE

    C. Gnome

    D. Unity

  7. What is the role of Live CD?

    A. In remote areas can also allow computers to surf the internet

    B. Simulating our living habits

    C. Allows us to test Linux without installing Linux

    D. The stored content will be destroyed in a few minutes

  8. When Linux is installed in a virtual machine running on a Windows system, which of the following statements is correct?

    A. The Linux partition is permanently created on the computer's hard drive

    B. Linux partitions are temporarily created on the computer's hard drive

    C. No Linux partition was created

  9. Gnome,unity,kde is based on the underlying software to display the graphical interface?

    A. Grub

    B. X Server

    C. Partitioning software

  10. What is the role of the swap partition?

    A. Storing important software for Linux startup

    B. Storing files downloaded on the web

    C. act as virtual memory when memory is full


    1. B

    2. A

    3. A

    4. B

    5. A

    6. D

    7. C

    8. C

    9. B

    10. C

Part Two first lesson preview

Did you do the right thing in the first part of the quiz? Do not consolidate the knowledge points remember to go back to review oh.

Next lesson we study: terminal terminal, play

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The first part of the "Linux Discovery Tour" quiz

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