The raspberry pi system installs Linux and raspberrypi on the SD card.

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The raspberry pi system installs Linux and raspberrypi on the SD card.

I just got a raspberry pi borrowed by Simon and prepared a 4 GB SD card for Linux.

On Windows 7, use the tool Win32DiskImager to write img to the SD card. An error is returned and an error is returned.

Fortunately, I have a Linux vmwarevm. Run the sudo dd bs = 1 M if = 2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian.img of =/dev/sdb command on the VM.


Error: Start Raspberry Pi by Power-on. The PI only has a red Power light and no output on the hdmi TV.

Cause: when executing the dd command on Linux, the operating system image should be written to the SD card (hard disk) rather than to a hard disk partition. Of =/dev/sdb is mistakenly written as of =/dev/sdb1.

After that, I still wondered why the SD card on Linux fdisk still shows that there is only one vfat partition, not multiple Linux partitions.

Solution: First fdisk/dev/sdb, delete the vfat partition, and then run the dd command to write the image sudo dd bs = 1 M if = 2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian.img of =/dev/sdb

# Raspian install Chrome
1, wget install. sh
2. chmod a + x install. sh
3,./install. sh
4, chrome-disable-ipv6 & (& for running at background)
5, error loading> try sudo apt-get update then redo step 3

# Raspian install SCIM (Smart Common Input Method)
1. sudo apt-get install scim-pinyin
2, if some packages can't be downloaded, try sudo apt-get update -- fix-missing
3. run scim and it will run wihle booting.

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