The more you sleep, the more beautiful the 15 health care methods

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Sleep is the best way for the human body to eliminate fatigue. If you can do "Sleeping Beauty 15 Methods", the morning will surely shine.

1. Avoid taking salt and wine as much as possible during dinner to avoid swelling of the face and eyes in the morning.

2. You should thoroughly clean your face and make up your face before going to bed. If you do not clean your face properly, it is easy to make your eyes red and swollen. Apply a cotton ball to some eye cleaner, place it on the eyelids and eyelashes for 10-20 seconds, and then gently wipe it with cotton.

3. Put the tea bags soaked in wet water on the eyelids for 10 minutes before going to bed, and then apply the eye cream.

4. After cleansing the face, pat the face with a cotton ball dipped in "convergence lotion" and put it on the emulsion before going to bed.

5. After cleansing the face, remove the dead skin of the lips with "Lip peeling cream", and then apply the lip oil to prevent the lips from drying.

6. Try the mask all night for oily or acne-prone skin.

7. The rough curly hair should be cleaned during the day to make it dry naturally. It will not look furry in the morning.

8. Put a hair conditioner without cleansing on the hair root, massage it in detail, and have a black hair in the morning.

9. before going to bed, bind the hair root with a ribbon. In the morning, you only need to comb the hair a little, and the hair will look fluffy and full.

10. If you have enough sleep every day, your face will naturally become more charming. Apply vitamin E oil to the root of your nails, gently massage your hands, and then massage your hands with hand cream.

11. Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed, apply lotion to your feet, and massage your toes, soles, and surfaces with your hands.

12. Straighten your toes for five seconds before going to bed, bend your toes for five seconds, and perform five operations on each foot. This will help ease the fatigue of a day and help you have a good sleep.

13. After taking a bath, massage your whole body with moisturizer or body oil, and then wear a cotton nightgown or bathrobe that has been baked for 10 minutes. The temperature on the clothes will be completely absorbed by the skin, making the skin smoother and more elastic.

14. People who are prone to insomnia may wish to drink milk before going to bed, because the ingredients in the milk have the effect of relaxing nerves.

15. You must have adequate sleep every day for at least 8 hours.

If you can do the above, it will not be long before you will be overjoyed by your appearance.

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