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JS implementation load More function instances _javascript tips

A front page of the project shows that the purchased item is required to drop the load more. on how to implement the "load more" feature, there are plug-ins available on the web, such as the more famous use of iscroll.js implementation of the pull

One more function to highlight the string in PHP code

Highlight | function | String/////by Coldwind/iwind/month/ccterran This function is to analyze the contents of the label and output For example: sssssssssssss '; Highlight ($string); ?> Keep the incomplete label, if only the following

How to view files in linux

There are many commands that can view files. different commands have different advantages. you can select commands for different needs to improve efficiency: cat displays content starting from the first line, many commands can be used to view the

Sun's "Ajax and Java EE" full text translation of the basic knowledge

Joking, original source: In English and Chinese as follows, all are my own translation, the level is limited (6 grade test 78 points), welcome correction: Asynchronous JavaScript Technology

WinForm Development Framework main interface design display

Do a lot of years WinForm the development of the program, the main window interface design is generally required to do better, can be based on different system function module collation integration, can enable customers to quickly find the relevant

C ++ memory management learning notes (5)

/*************************************** *************************/ Previous content review: C ++ memory management learning notes (4) 2.1-2.2 RAII rule (introduced) 2.3 smart pointer 2.4 auto_ptr class -----------------------------------------------

JQERYlimittext plug-in version 0.2 (long content restricted display) _ jquery

The JQERYlimittext plug-in adds a display more function for long content. adds a display more function. attaches the code: Use the instance in the attachment. The Code is as follows: /*** Demo:* 1. $ ("# limittext"). limittext ();* 2. $ ("#

Conclusion: C # delegation's comprehensive understanding,

Conclusion: C # delegation's comprehensive understanding, You must first understand the delegate before talking about the event.Delegate, the appearance seems to be no different from the function pointer in C/C ++, but essentially you find that it

Summary: A comprehensive understanding of C # Delegation

You have to understand the delegate before you say the event.delegate, the appearance of a function pointer in C + + is no different, but in essence you find that he is actually a class! That is to say, understanding the delegateThis two aspects to

Understanding JavaScript closures

Original article: Understanding JavaScript closures   To become advanced JavascriptProgramYou must understand the closure. This document describes the internal working mechanism of closures in conjunction with The ECMA 262 specification, it

C++11 characteristics and Std::bind and std::function of Cocos2d-x 3.0

Yesterday colleagues let help write a small function, only found Cocos2d-x 3.0 and cocos2d-x 3.0rc0 difference is quite big.Find the label of this control, 3.0 more than the RC0 version of a creation function, more critical is that the label anchor

The basic structure of a Java virtual machine

The Java heap is used to hold object examples, related to data, and the Java stack is primarily related to thread function calls function calls once in and out of the Java stack, call the time of the stack, call end (return or throw) out of the

The language of C # is detailed

The previous article was written in C # 's core language, which is a generalities. This article continues the study of C #, and begins to detail the C # language, which mainly includes delegates, events, and exception handling. I. Delegation to

commands for viewing the contents of a file under Linux

commands for viewing the contents of a file under LinuxCommands to view the contents of a file:Cat starts displaying content from the first line and outputs all contentThe TAC displays the contents in reverse from the last line and outputs all the

Makefile of the Linux drive series

Embedded in the Linux environment, whether it is writing applications or drivers, and so on, need to use make to compile the program, you need to learn to write makefile. A simple makefile file is as follows:1 hell:hello.c 2 gcc-o hello

Links, mounts, and libraries for C programs under Linux (2)

5. Redefine the error.In a final executable, it is absolutely not allowed to have two global variables with the same name, and global functions with the same name are not allowed.Global functions: All are global, as long as the functions decorated

Kingsoft Use Experience

One, humanized design--most can play moving Use of the query, interpretation does not know the words, are very useful! (1) How to look at the words that have been checked? To find previously queried words or text, you can find them in the

JavaScript First (vi)--------inheritance history, namespaces

History of succession  There are four forms in the history of succession, let's take a look.1. Traditional forms    Fir.prototype.lastName = "STG"; function Fir () { this.age =; } var fir =

Those layouts in the interface design-chart

This article mainly talk about the layout and graphics use, for the master may be a little cliché, but the mobile end of the interface design may be a little reference value, take a few minutes to see it. The beauty of the interface, in addition to

WPs How to edit word pictures on a tablet

Since the author in his own circle to promote the WPS mobile version, Friends of the tablet, smart phones can handle Office documents are "stunned." Recently, a friend asked: "On the mobile phone tablet Word can insert a picture, you can edit it?", "

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