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Since the author in his own circle to promote the WPS mobile version, Friends of the tablet, smart phones can handle Office documents are "stunned." Recently, a friend asked: "On the mobile phone tablet Word can insert a picture, you can edit it?", "You can not take photos of mobile phones inserted into Word?" The answer, of course, is yes!.

To see what the WPS Mobile version brings to our surprise? WPS Mobile version is Jinshan Company for mobile office people to create full-featured office software, currently used in Android mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Open the WPS Mobile version of the tablet application, find the appropriate DOC document, the interface is as shown below. The author describes how to insert and edit pictures in doc documents as an example of the doc document "two times Radical review paper. Doc".

How do i insert a picture

The first step, open this document, in the menu bar, with your fingers to drag to the right, find the "Insert" button, the following figure:

In the WPS Mobile version of the Word document can be inserted into a variety of content editing documents, we are looking for the insertion of a picture in the first place. Click the following image below.

You can find a picture in your local file, or you can use a mobile phone or a tablet to insert a document in the User Gallery. Of course, it is even easier to insert a picture from the Jinshan Express--Jinshan fast disk is a cross-platform cloud storage, which means that you keep a picture of your PC on the Jinshan Express, can also be read and inserted into Doc Docs on Android mobile devices!

How do I change the way a picture is wrapped

When Word inserts a picture, the default is a four-week surround, you can drag the picture to the right place, and the text around the picture will be intelligently reorganized. Of course, you can also according to preferences, set more than a variety of layout methods.

What if you want the picture to occupy a separate paragraph? This requires changing the way the picture is wrapped. The touch picture will appear in the floating menu, as shown below:

Click the "Wrap" button on the far right.

We can see that the default is four-week type, if we want to occupy a separate paragraph of the picture, select "Embedded" or "upper and lower" can be.

How to scale picture size

Zoom in to reduce the picture of the operation is also very simple, when the picture around the blue dot, hold a corner drag. It is more convenient to zoom the picture than with the mouse pull.

Of course, you can also double-click the picture, will appear to drag the bar to control the size of the picture, but I think it is not as direct zoom directly to the intuitive.

How to delete, crop, rotate a picture

If the picture needs to be cropped, how do I do it? or, how do you want to adjust the direction of the picture? All of this can be found in the suspension menu. The following figure:

Click on the picture after the suspension menu from left to right to show the cropping, rotation, delete operations. Dragging to the left will also show more function buttons. Here you can complete the cutting, rotation and other related operations.

In any case, it's not difficult to insert a picture on your phone. On the contrary, in some ways than the PC side is more convenient: such as direct photo inserted into the document, and then save the Jinshan fast, the PC can be synchronized editing, which eliminates the phone or camera to take pictures, and then import the computer, insert the cumbersome link of the document

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