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In the previous article "Introduction to the UIOSP, the most professional general. NET plug-in Platform", we initially introduced the general. NET plug-in platform. In this article, I will introduce how the UIOSP-based SaaS application store open platform (also known as the uaisaas Engine, XAUI SaaS Engine) is built.

First, let's take a look at the SaaS application store open platform. This platform is a cloud computing PaaS platform product for SaaS service providers. It opens an SDK to SaaS application developers for developing SaaS applications. Once the developer completes development, the SDK can be uploaded to the SaaS application store, so that SaaS application consumers can purchase and use the SDK. In addition, the Platform also provides SaaS application consumers with an application store that allows consumers to choose to purchase and use in the store. Users can choose to deploy SaaS applications online or offline. If an SaaS application is deployed online, a Web space and data storage space will be opened for the consumer. If it is deployed offline, the SaaS application will be deployed on the user's Web server.

Is the architecture of the SaaS application store open platform, which consists of six parts: (1) Application runtime: virtual machines of SaaS applications, equivalent to the "SaaS Operating System ". When an application is running, it can shield the differences between the plug-in production environment and runtime environment, and provide basic functions such as multi-version SaaS applications, automatic upgrade, management, online and offline deployment. (2) Application SDK: the SaaS application software development kit provides the development environment, running and testing environment, auxiliary development tools, application release tools, documents and examples related to SaaS application development. The application SDK simplifies the development of SaaS applications and makes the multi-tenant architecture of SaaS applications transparent. (3) Application store Platform website: provides functions such as SaaS application developer authentication application, application SDK release and download, SaaS application shelving application and approval, SaaS application sales and settlement, and Platform maintenance. (4) SaaS application Repository: provides functions such as SaaS application storage, SaaS application warehouse receiving, SaaS application multi-version control, and Web API interfaces related to the application repository. (5) platform tools: tools related to the App Store platform, including SaaS application development auxiliary tools, configuration tools, performance tuning tools, monitoring tools, and management tools. (6) Infrastructure: it is the basic function and physical environment support for running the entire platform, including security, authentication and authorization, physical resource management, and clusters.

Application Runtime is the key to implementing the entire SaaS application store open platform. On the one hand, it provides developers with basic services for developing SaaS applications; on the other hand, it is equivalent to the "virtual machine" of SaaS applications ", this shields the differences between the application development environment and the production environment, the complexity of SaaS application development, and the data storage of SaaS applications. The application is built on the Yue open service platform. Its architecture is as follows.

When an application is running, it is included as a SaaS application virtual machine in the SDK Development Kit. After you install the SDK, there are two steps to create an SaaS application: (1) create a VM main program project; (2) create an SaaS application project. This process and the process of creating a plug-in application in the previous article. The architecture of the SDK is as follows.

Shows the AppStore code. Currently, there are 20 projects. These projects do not include unit tests. unit tests are in another solution when code changes are made, our continuous integration system will automatically build AppStore, SDK installation package and unit test code and execute unit test. If an exception occurs, it will send a system email, you can see our product quality assurance system in [Product Development Experience Summary] the tip of the iceberg behind software products. The Code consists of five parts: (1) UIShell. OSGi and UIShell. OSGi. webExtension, OSGi. NET kernel project, that is, the UIOSP platform; (2) UIShell. webDesktopShell, Web main program; (3) Tools involved; (4) SysPlugins, system plug-ins; (5) AppPlugins and application plug-ins, which are composed of the Management robot suite and IM plug-ins. There is also a performance/stress testing solution.


The running result of this project is as follows. This interface is provided by the WebDesktopPlugin plug-in. Upon logon, the user management service of the system management plug-in is called to log on.

After successful login, it will be a Windows 7-like interface, each plug-in has an ICON to represent. You can install, uninstall, start, and stop an application through "Application Management" of the system management plug-in.

Is the application store website interface, where you can select an application and try it out, apply to become a developer, and download the SDK.

The application store interface is being revised and is changed.

You can also see that, based on UIOSP, you can develop such an Open app store. In fact, the charm of UIOSP is far more than that, in the future, you will be able to build an open platform, private cloud platform, enterprise cloud platform, and unified software production line capable of automatic application upgrade, Remote Application Management, and coexistence of multiple application versions in any application environment based on it, we also actively integrate UIOSP with another product, the intelligent body programming platform, to build a solution suitable for Iot. I agree that the next 10 years will be the OSGi age! I will further introduce the UIOSP application and practices, as well as the application in enterprise-level software production lines.

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