The second part of the "Linux Discovery Tour" quiz

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Content Introduction

1 , Part two test questions

2, the third part of the first lesson preview: Data processing, leisurely

Part Two test questions

  1. Ctrl+alt+f1 The functions of these three key combinations are:

    A. Restart your computer

    B. Restart x Server

    C. Open a non-GUI terminal, full screen

    D. Open the terminal of a graphical interface, with Windows

  2. What does the $ in the command line prompt mean?

    A. You are connected to a network

    B. You're not paying for your Linux system.

    C. You are logged in as a normal user (non-root)

  3. How do I find commands that have been used in a terminal?

    A. Ctrl + R

    B. Ctrl + A

    C. Ctrl +?

  4. How do I list all the files in a directory?

    A. ls

    B. pwd

    C. cd

  5. If my user name is Oscar, I enter CD ~ in the terminal, then which directory will I navigate to?




    D. Display error, because there is no ~ directory

  6. What does the RM command do?

    A. Copying files

    B. Deleting a file

    C. Upload the file to the network

    D. Put the file into the Recycle Bin

  7. Which of the following commands can display the first few lines of a file?

    A. Head

    B. Tail

    C. Top

  8. What is the command prefix that does not require login (toggle) to run the command as root, which can be root?

    A. sudo

    B. Beroot

    C. Now

    D. Impossible

  9. I forgot how to use the mkdir command, what should I do?

    A. In the Linux forum shouted, "Come on, do me a favor."

    B. Man mkdir

    C. Help mkdir

  10. Which of the following commands cannot be used to find files?

    A. Locate

    B. Help

    C. Find


    1. C

    2. C

    3. A

    4. A

    5. C

    6. B

    7. A

    8. A

    9. B

    10. B

Part Three first lesson preview

Today's class will come here, together refueling it!

Next lesson we study: data processing, leisurely

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The second part of the "Linux Discovery Tour" quiz

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