The website background backup is automatically backed up to the ASA format, but the Shell method is not parsed.

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Take the account and password of the next website. After entering the background, you can find a backup. Happy ing

Upload a JPG file. Find the path. The backup has indeed appeared.


I thought it would be the same as other sites, because under normal circumstances, the asa resolution is similar to asp. Otherwise, when the website is set again, other mappings such as asa cer are deleted and only html and asp mappings are retained. However, the suffix of the backup file is changed to asa, at this time, there will be no common black screen (backdoor horse) during access ). The figure is as follows:


Why did it break through? No information was found on the Internet. So I studied it myself and kept ASP ing, so I had to make it an asp suffix for resolution. Then why not use this ASA. So I thought of #, because # is automatically removed from the URL and the previous address is retained. So a method produces birds.

1. Upload a jpg file.

2. Backup To sniff3r. asp # (this # Is very important)

Access to will automatically go down after processing.



Later, lan3a told me that you can directly access sniff3r. asp. The results show that this is true. Thank you, lan3a. However, the above method is also one. If you have any questions, please leave a message. Haha. (I think this article is silly)

In the end, many websites will be backed up to other suffixes in the background, so this method can be used to break through


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