Thinkbox.deadline.v8.0.4.1.linux 1DVD Easy-to-use management and rendering +xpedition Enterprise vx.2.1

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Allen Bradley RSLogix5 v8.0 win32-iso 1DVD
With the RSlogix 5000 software, you can fully implement the setup and monitoring of the module through the I/O implementation of the Controllogix Backplane connection all modules related data are included in a processor data object, which facilitates configuration, monitoring and connection of module parameters. RSLogix 5000 features more powerful, more convenient and practical. RsLogix 5000 Programming software provides a complete programming and debugging support for motion control in addition to the ladder diagram programming for sequential control. RSLogix 5000 can simultaneously complete sequence control and motion control.

Synopsys Siliconsmart vL-2016.03 Linux64 1DVD
Synopsys VCS MX vK-2015.09 sp2-1 Linux64 1DVD
Synopsys Verdi vK-2015.09 sp1-1 Linux64 1DVD
Industry-leading designers today's state-of-the-art design relies on their validation environment Synopsys's VCS functional verification solution. In fact, 90% in 32 nm and below the design with the VCS validation. As one of the top 20 semiconductor companies in the world, the VCS offers high performance simulation engines, constraint Solver engines, and native test platforms as part of its primary validation solution. Synopsys Corporation, the world's leading software and IP design, validates and manufactures electronic components and systems, released the Synopsys VCS MX VI-2014.03-a compiled code simulator. It enables us to analyze, compile and simulate VERILOG,VHDL, hybrid Hdl,systemverilog,openvera and SYSTEMC design instructions. This also provides us with a set of simulation and debugging capabilities to validate our designs. These features provide source-level debugging and simulation results viewing capabilities. VCS MX accelerates verification of the entire system by providing fast, high-capacity verilog,vhdl and mixed HDL emulation RTL function verification.

katmar.aioflo.v1.07 1CD
The flow rate can be expressed as mass or volumetric calculations. The Katmar Aioflo has a very powerful and flexible unit handling capability. The Katmar Aioflo is a fast, flexible and accurate tool for piping fluid pressure calculations. It supports calculation of pipe diameters, flow rates, and pressure of gases and liquids. Includes a variety of optional accessories and valve K values, and Katmar Aioflo new version has built-in pipe size and roughness of the database.

Black Mint Concise Beam v4.59x 1CD engineering software
The bridge design can be reinforced in accordance with conventional practice, with some or all pre-tension treatment (pretensioned). The program can model any cross-sectional shape and allow the cross-section to change the length of the beam by stepwise (step-wise) angular transformation (prismatically). The graphical editor allows the user to describe any cross-section, which can include voids (voids), openings (openings), or openings (cut-outs). Concise beam is an easy-to-use engineering software that is based on the Microsoft Windows platform for the design of precast concrete beams. The concise beam is able to perform load analysis and inspect the design in accordance with the latest version of the ACI 318,CSA a23.3,as3600 standard. The key code parameters of the concise beam can be customized by simulating other design code specifications.

Mentor Graphics xpedition Enterprise vx.2.1
Electronic Design automation leader Mentor Graphics, recently released the Xpedition Enterprise vx.2.1 version, is the PCB
An optimized design platform with a more intuitive user interface in the design environment. Customized PCB design environment to meet your customization needs
and maximize your PCB design.
Over the past decade, the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards has made great strides. From schematic input to simulation, from layout and cabling to team
Collaboration, and then to manufacturing data to the manufacturer of transmission, the entire design process has made considerable progress. But one aspect seems to have been stopping
Lag: Critical system-level hardware architecture design and connectivity.
The main modules included are:
xentpvx.2.1 DOC esdm.ix2k documentation for Windows
M3DL Xentpvx.2.1.win64 Library 3D models for Windows x64
xentpvx.2.1 esdm.ix2k xpedition Enterprise Flow for Windows x86
xentpvx.2.1 esdm.ix64 xpedition Enterprise Flow for Windows x64
Xpedition Enterprise launched the VX version, inspired the next generation of mature, innovative PCB design ideas of the foundation. The new Xpedition
The release features advanced layout automation to address increasingly complex issues in high-speed design, as well as emerging means for high-end computing chipsets
South. The following key features help optimize the performance of your design:
Label routing, used to minimize crosstalk and impedance discontinuity of the interconnect geometry, can be created and modified on high-speed traces.
Designers can use sketch plans to create and modify routing strategies, defining paths for sketch lines, including line masking.
Tuned enhancements during interactive editing enable better feedback and control for high-speed constraints.
Engineers can import polar stacks and layer mappings directly into the constraint manager to simplify design startup.

PTC Creo Schematics 4.0 F000 64bit schematic solution
3d-tool 12.20 Premium 3D 2D CAD File View conversion Tool
PTC Creo Schematics formerly known as "P Ro/engineer Routed Systems Designer, which automates the creation of detailed 3D routing system designs from existing 2D in Creo
parametric and Creo elements/direct. This makes it possible to correctly
interpret the 2D logic and convert it accurately to a zero, saving time, reducing errors, and eliminating tedious manual processes. It also improves product quality by capturing both electrical
and mechanical design intelligence in a
single data model that enables design professionals from multiple disciplines to streamline the product development process and collaborate more effectively. PTC recently released the Creo Schematics 4.0 F000, the software is a comprehensive independent 2D
Graphics solution, mainly for 2D routing system 2D schematics (such as cabling, piping, HVAC and hydraulic systems, etc.). 1CD Contact person and time management tool
Feature Description:
Chaos Intellect is intended for ordinary individual users, business users, advanced users, and shared workgroups. Software boldly in the mail system set up a sticker function, even if you receive more mail, you can quickly locate the target contact.
In the Contacts feature, Chaos Intellect matches each of your history conversations to their respective names, making it clear that even unfamiliar customers can quickly retrieve past records.
In addition, the software can intelligently merge message templates with e-mail. It has a unique REDIRECT button that reduces the hassle of sending emails to and from many people. The Chaos Intellect supports the network Sync Data feature, which can be installed on the USB stick, so that the mail is sent and received even on the public computer, and no personal information is disclosed afterwards.
Chaos.Software.Chaos.Intellect is a management tool that contacts people and time, and can be fully compatible with e-mail, contact, appointment itinerary, work management, memos and other exchanges. It can work on its own, or it can be shared with a set group on the network.
Software definition:
It can be said that there is no specific definition, it is a professional and powerful mail client (with advanced contact management capabilities), but also a good time management program (to be able to plan daily tasks, appointments, memos, scheduling well, and with the contact list to infiltrate each other) In addition, the software also features customer relationship management software (CRM), and finally integrates a browser that supports external download tools. Can say that a software solves a lot of features.

Thinkbox.deadline.v8.0.4.1.linux 1DVD Easy-to-use management and rendering
Global VFX Studios Pixomondo their recent standardized deadlines for the selection of farm tools for rendering in 10 facilities worldwide. Felix Fissel, its head at Pixomondo Los Angeles, said: "We are a veritable international company with 24/7 production cycles, and the term 5 remote rendering feature allows us to control and manage our render farms throughout our operations." This means that if our factory in Shanghai has a huge project to present, this work can be resolved to one of the other locations where we are not busy. This has led to an incredible feature saving time. " Thinkbox deadline is an easy-to-use management and rendering toolkit that provides management solutions for all sizes of render farm owners, and is flexible to run in the industry's broadest platform and matching software rendering. Because the deadlines allow studios to communicate seamlessly across points, the tool is attracting the popularity of a farm company that has a huge global visual rendering effect.


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Bureau Veritas veristar stability 2.1.2489 1CD
Bureau Veritas Steel 3.0e 1CD
Bureau Veritas veristar Homer win32_64 2CD
Bureau Veritas Veristar optimise 3.01.6 win32_64 2CD
Calculate all deformations, local forces, in three-dimensional moments and pressure frames to simulate beams and to static loads and thermal loads. The procedure includes the axial and torsional stiffness of the beam, increasing the deformation of the beam and the shear force of the beam. The center of the cut can be different center of gravity. Bureau Veritas Steel Three-dimensional beam analysis program based on displacement method.

Deep excavation deepxcav.2016.v14.0.1.0 1CD

Mathworks Matlab r2016a MacOSX64 1DVD New Matrix Lab Graphics system
Graphics system
The updated default colors, fonts, and styles in the new graphics system in the MATLAB environment make it easy to interpret and learn from your data. The new syntax for changing the properties of a drawing object simplifies custom visualizations. Other new features include rotatable tick labels, support for multilingual text and symbols, and automatically updated tick mark labels for date and time.

Collaboration and sharing
MATLAB 2016a now provides git and Subversion source control system integration through the current folder browser, including the ability to sync from web hosting libraries such as those on GitHub. A custom toolbox can be packaged as a single, installable file. This makes it easy to distribute, as well as install and manage shared code.
MathWorks matlab r2016a is a matrix lab, version 2016a includes a new graphics system for MATLAB, which adds support for big data, a major version of the functionality for packaging and sharing code and the integration of source code management. The new features that Simulink has provided can speed up model building and running important updates for continuous simulations. R2016A also includes updates to all other products.

Chasm Consulting Ventsim Visual Premium v4.0.9.9 1CD
Esko Studio & Deskpack advanced + Dynamic VDP v14.1.1 macosx 4CD
GibbsCAM v11.0.18.0 MultiLanguage Win64 1DVD
Inrs-ete Hyfran Plus v2.2 1CD
Pipelinestudio V4.0.0.0-iso 1CD
Tecplot R1 Build Win64 Linux64 macOSX64 3CD
Tecplot Focus R1 Build Win64 Linux64 macOSX64 3CD
Mastercam X9 for SolidWorks Update3 v18.0.18466.10 1CD
Mastercam X9 Update3 v18.0.18466.0 Win64 1CD
NI AWR Design Environment v11.04 2CD
PYPYDSDSJJ 2018 Dyoadyidcad 2017
PV. Elite.2016.v18.00.00.0000.full-iso 1CD
Studio Tecnico Guerra thopos v7.03.00 Win64 1CD
Synopsys synplify 2015.09 Windows 1CD
Actran v15.1 win32_64 1CD
BETA CAE Systems v16.1.0 Win64 1DVD
MAGNA ECS Kuli v11.0 Win32 1CD
Aspen Hysys v8.8 Patch1 1CD
MecSoft Rhinocam for Rhinoceros 5 v6.0.0.215 Win64 1CD
Micro-cap v11.0.1.5 win32_64 1CD
PTC MathCAD v15.0 M045 MultiLanguage 10CD
Schlumberger Petrel 2014.2 with plugins Win64 2DVD
Intergraph CAESAR II v8.00.00.5600 build 150930 winall-iso 1DVD
Gstarsoft Gstarcad Win64 1CD
Juki PM-1 v3.10 1CD
wilcom embroidery Studio e3.0 win32_64-iso 1DVD
Concepts Nrec axcent Win32 1CD
Concepts Nrec Pumpal Win32 1CD
Concepts Nrec Max-pac Win64 1CD
Intergraph CADWorx (Plant, p&id, equipment, IP, speceditor) V16.0-iso 1DVD 1CD
rocscience.slide.v6.037 Full 1CD 1CD
Originlab.originpro.2016.b9.3.226.win32_64 1DVD
Autodesk hsmworks R1.40294 Chinese version win32_64 2CD
Csimsoft trelis Pro 15.2.1 win32_64 & macosx & linux32_64 & Linux Debian32 6CD
Powersurfacing RE v2.2-2.4-3.0 for SolidWorks 2012-2016 Win64 1CD
SolidWorks SP1.0 full Integrated MultiLanguage Win32_64-iso 2DVD
3d-tool 10.05.Premium Win32 1CD
Siemens.nx.v8.5.3.mp11.update.only.win32_64 & Linux64 3CD
Vertical Mapper v3.7.1 Full 1CD

Autodesk hsmworks R3.41038 win32_64 2CD innovation updates and Features
Senior vice president of Autodesk, Robert said. "This new version is a good example of our consistent commitment to our customers, regardless of which CAD system they use," "The feedback from the user tells us that the value of Hsmworks lies in its integration, ease of use and performance." This press release incorporates the software, even further with innovative new updates and features. "
Hsmworks 2016, supported by SOLIDWORKSSOLIDWORKS2015, includes many new enhancements, including a significant update to accommodate billing, high-efficiency roughing technology for products. It reduces the cutting material process to maintain a constant tool engagement with the advantage of efficient tool path movement, valuable cycle time for machining operations. The updated adaptive roughing feature now also includes support for helical bevel cones, enhanced lodging down connections and optimized Z-plane transitions, which directly contribute to reduced cycle times and more efficient operation of the machine. Block emulation has been updated to improve performance in 3D mode for customers in the tooling/tooling industry and for those who often use large models and three-dimensional surface modeling for important work. Hsmworks 2016 is the third major version of Autodesk's acquisition of the then Hsmworks product line in October 2012, and the company has released 12 updates with hundreds of new features and enhancements. These enhancements allow users to incorporate their models and assemblies into machined parts, all in a fully integrated design to the manufacturing process.

Corel.DRAWings.X3.Professional.Edition Embroidery Design
The Corel drawings X3 is a revolutionary graphics and embroidery design software that is powerful and easy to use, combined with the creativity of CorelDRAW graphics Suite X3, ideal for small, family-based businesses. Features:-Convert any vector design to embroidery-Convert the input text to stitches-arbitrarily adjust shape shapes-include various styles in each mode-convert bitmap to Object-more styles and patterns-overlapping shape automatic trimming-various fabrics to choose from-automatic color matching-supports many formats.

Thinkbox.deadline.v8.0.4.1.linux 1DVD Easy-to-use management and rendering +xpedition Enterprise vx.2.1

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