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gartner:2015 Siem (Security information and event management) market analysis

average score.In addition, the performance of RSA is still not improvement, although the SA platform has been replaced by the original envision. Probably because the core of SA is not log processing and analysis, it takes more effort to do all-inclusive capture and analysis. Furthermore, RSA shares many of the SIEM/SOC related advanced features into other products.There is a big setback for the manufacturer is NetIQ, I think the main reason is the repeated mergers and acquisitions, tossing, fro

2017, changes in demand and innovative solutions for enterprise mobility

different parts of the company can use the optimal network. Information security. Mobile scenes involved in the multi-device complex file data flow, a link to achieve security and can not guarantee the overall security, so be sure to choose a complete solution of the product, so as to cover all aspects of security. Unified Portal. For example, a variety of PC systems on the mobile phone to human-centric integration, rather than the past system as the core, which is the trend of it const

Enterprise mobility, which application will CIOs choose to cut into?

Enterprise mobility, which application would you choose to cut into? Many CIOs and it workers from the mobile technology group of Red Core Enterprises discussed the implementation of enterprise mobility strategy. Follow the red core to see the CIO's Point of view.The first attack: Field

Enterprise mobility? Appcan teaches you the right way to open it.

Seven-point selection, three-point software. Indeed, in the past Enterprise Mobility (http://www.appcan.cn/) process, because of the failure of the selection of information systems implementation of the case is not uncommon. In today's mobile interconnection and Big Data era, mobile is the inevitable choice of enterprises.So, what is enterprise

Citrix Xenmobile Learning Note IV: MIM Mobile Information Management (Mobility information Management)

Product introduction £ ºCitrix MIMMobile Information Management byCitrix ShareFilethis product to integrate. Citrix ShareFileis an enterprise "data follow(Follow-me-data)"solution to makeITdepartments can deliver reliable data sharing and synchronization services to meet users ' mobility and collaboration needs, as well as en

Citrix Xenmobile Learning Note III: MAM mobile app Management (Mobility application Management)

Product Introductionsi Jie(Citrix)delivers enterprise-class mobile application management in its comprehensive enterprise mobility solution(MAM)function. XenMobile MAMversion byCloudgatewaydevelopment. CloudgatewayIt was Scarlett who enteredMAMthe Springboard. All features of the product areXenMobileof theMAMversion, n

Importance of ECM Enterprise Content Management System

According to a survey by forresterresearch, the information internal capacity of global enterprises is growing at an average rate of 200% per year. Compliance with regulations represented by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act imposes high requirements on Enterprise Information retention and document management. All these reasons Promote the Development of Enterprise Content

Personnel Configuration Management for small and medium IT Enterprise Project Teams

Recently, I have been working on projects in the company and have some knowledge about team management. I wanted to write my own project management stuff, because my experience in project management is not very thick, after searching related articles on the internet, I feel similar to my recent feelings. The essentials are as follows: For most small and medium-si

Hitpoint: How to choose Enterprise ERP production management system?

ERP (Enterprise Re-source Planning), as a new generation of Mrpⅱ, the concept was first proposed by the Gartner group in the early 90, only a few years, ERP has been developed from concept to application, and is considered to be the crest of the next generation manufacturing system. More and more Mrpⅱ software companies are now announcing their shift to ERP, while more and more enterprises are considering t

Two goals of enterprise information management: LP or TOC

ArticleTaking ERP as the backbone, integrating the philosophy of restraint/lean--The new realm of enterprise managementCai YingTaking ERP information integration as framework (backbone), combining with the whole view of TOC constraint theory, implementing lean Lean Management method, the enterprise management achieves

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