Thoughts on development of mobile game CP in 2015 and game cp in 2015

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Thoughts on development of mobile game CP in 2015 and game cp in 2015

Current CP model and Problems of Fast-selling products:

  1. Product:
    • Find the most profitable, most popular, and most promising micro-innovation in China.
    • Find an example to copy from the foreign rankings.
    • No beneficial copyright, only pirated or popular themes
    • Dare not innovate, avoid innovation
  2. R & D:
    • Quickly replace skin replication with a certain amount of technical accumulation, and try to break into the blank market
    • Human scale effect or extreme individual soldier
    • Lack of scientific R & D management concepts and practices
    • Do not dare to do basic R & D, avoid doing basic R & D
  3. Release:
    • Self-release is not capable, or you do not dare to think about it, or the product team is dead.
    • Ask the publisher for proxy, hoping to save your life by proxy fees
    • I am not familiar with overseas markets and dare not target overseas markets.
  4. Company:
    • Lack of reasonable equity, organizational structure Planning, and bandit team
    • There is a lack of reasonable fund management, and money is spent to find money.
    • Lack of effective business models
    • Lack of awareness and Construction of Core Competitiveness

Market Trend Forecast in 2015
  1. Open and transparent channels, transparent data import on social platforms and advertising platforms;
  2. With the collapse of a large number of small and medium CP products, the CP market shuffled and gradually formed a few high-quality CP products with core competitiveness. the bargaining power of high-quality CP products increased, and the self-issuance capability increased.
  3. De-publisher
  4. High-quality CP focuses on the cultivation and investment of core competitiveness, and gradually possesses core competitiveness in products, technologies, R & D, and operation. It has the brand and Loyal users of the product company.
  5. New game business models are gradually formed, such as market segments, verticals, G2O2O, and UGG users participating in game creation.

What CP needs to do in 2015:
  1. Discover the core competitiveness of products, technologies, R & D, and operations.
  2. Be sure to continuously invest some energy and funds to strengthen the cultivation and improvement of Core Competitiveness
  3. Start to establish and connect direct access and user-oriented channels for market changes, establish and accumulate loyal user groups, gradually shape the company image and product brand, and prepare for future independent release capabilities
  4. Seek and focus on differentiated markets or specialized fields, and concentrate on accumulating and gradually establishing advantages
  5. Explore and establish a talent value return system for value growth, such as internal share mechanisms similar to Huawei and Alibaba
  6. Explore and establish a scientific, advanced, flexible, open, and exclusive management and collaboration system, such as the elite culture, open source concept, and remote collaboration described in Rework.

We will continue to think about the development of the game market and CP after 2015...

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