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1. Be sure to take a needle!

Before the repair, I repeatedly stated to mm that the computer had hardware and software. If the computer had a hardware fault, such as no conversion of the graphics card fan, the display line would be aging, the resolution of the display exceeds the display indicator, and so on will lead to a black screen. I cannot repair it if I don't go home with special tools!

In this way, once it is not repaired, it will immediately become helpless: It is really a hardware problem, or send it to the warranty. While mm is used as a hardware problem for warranty, JS adults will not hesitate to handle hardware problems even if they find it is a software problem, so there will be no loss of trouble.

2. reinstallation is a panacea!

No matter what happens, the system will be reinstalled as long as mm agrees! This is the simplest method, although it is a dish. But if you want to touch mm, this is also the best way, because mm will feel that you are a good man with patience and love in a long wait! Hahahahahaha, it's so sinister. Therefore, it's usually the right remedy for the dinosaur to repair the computer. Please never turn me green. When the dinosaur looks at you, you will know that this is not rpwt, but a life problem!

3. Care is everywhere!

If you choose to reinstall, you must repeatedly ask mm: is it true? Mm can be used for the first time. At this time, I would like to ask: are there no important photos or documents? Mm will hesitate, but he will still say "no". At this time, he will ask: the QQ token record will also be lost! Mm will say no. Remember to think about it and then ask: Are there any important emails that will be lost. Generally, many mm will regret it at this time, and they will think that you are a super intimate person.

If you choose to open the chassis, be sure to be surprised! So much dust !!! (I have seen no dust in a mm chassis, and she is so fond of cleaning.) at this time, MM generally does not know how to answer the question. You should immediately make it difficult for the computer: how can such a good computer run fast when there is too much dust? The heat dissipation will also be affected. Of course, it is prone to problems. Hahahahahahahahahahaha, MM will feel that you are a special person who cherishes and cherishes the pity.


1. MM computers usually suffer from mental retardation.

Therefore, do not use a special professional perspective for analysis. Generally, the system settings are not properly configured. For example, if a mm was used to help her with a new computer, the sound on the left of the speaker would not sound, and we checked it in the past, sure enough, there was only a sound of electricity. I thought it was broken. I bought the bad one. I couldn't help but look at it. In the volume control, she put all the sound on the right and fainted!

For the display black screen, check whether the display switch is on, whether the display is powered on, and whether the display line is connected to the host!

A little more advanced, look at BIOS settings, display resolution settings, contrast settings, and so on

More advanced, see if the video card fan has stopped

In the case of another computer, check the monitor with another computer to see if it is easy to tell whether it is a problem with the monitor, but note that if it is a girl's bedroom, use it with caution !!! This is because girls' dormitories generally seem to have a bad relationship, that is, they do not want to dedicate their computers to others' computers. This is different from boys' dormitories, so we should despise them!

If you want to be handsome, you can bring the external display of this book, it should be light and thin, more than 3kg don't carry the past shame

2. to be cool and disassemble the machine box

Whether it's a hardware problem or not, if you want mm to marry you, remember to bring a large cross between us. We recommend that you build a computer city. It's very long and super handsome! I usually carry two, one cross head, one word head, one red plexiglass handle, and one green glass handle, just like two shortswords. With these two powerful tools, I feel different about Lima! Mm immediately thinks that you are professional. If mm is scared after seeing it, don't forget to explain it as follows: It's easy to take it with you. Your problem may not be so big, it may not be used. Mm at this time, I only want my computer to break down completely, so that I can see you waving a long sword! Hahahaha, this sentence is just awkward.

3. The trick to master BIOS settings is to read the manual!

In fact, most of the problems and solutions are based on bios settings. For example, if you forget to enable the optical drive, you should choose BIOS settings, help instruction !!! In fact, there are general detailed instructions in the manual, and even solutions to common problems, but mm is more delicate, it's not suitable to read such a raw text. Your responsibility is to read them !!!

Don't feel embarrassed to read the manual temporarily! If the dismounting box can show you the power side, then your focus on reading is the best opportunity for you to show your own text !!! Being able to win the power of mm, you only know that the bandits playing the sleeves and the dust on the motherboard will only make mm feel that these Gg players like hardware are dirty madmen.

The best way to obtain the motherboard, video card, and other related manuals is to ask for them at the very beginning, and ask her to move the boxes where she put these things out as soon as she enters the door; after dismounting the chassis, I was surprised to say: Ah! This is not a public version design. I want to see the factory instruction !!! What is the design of render manager? If you say this, MM will only think that you have a level of brute force. At a glance, you can see what the design is. In fact, they do not know what is called the public version design master design.


1. MM computers will always be the best

Mm is generally the most important face (of course, GG also needs to, for example, old Ken), but it is always a problem to ask you to repair the computer, so you must not put salt in the wound at this time, do not say: Ah, this configuration should be upgraded. Or: it is best not to use this fake card. Or the AOC display is the worst. This shows your understanding of the hardware market brand and your personal taste. This will only make mm hate you! In the early days, I made a mistake like an unblocking attack. As a result, I was afraid to come to me after my computer broke down for a while!

For mm computers, if the brand is good, even if it is integrated into the motherboard, I also want to say that this brand I like most, the stability is superb, this time is mostly a software problem, the D version of the problem is more! (Check whether the system installed on her host is genuine or not, and the software used is always pirated.) If the brand is not good, immediately say that this brand has always been the best price/performance, and you will really live! Don't forget to look at mm with a sincere smile when you say "you will live !!! If nothing really works, it's the machine that should be completely eliminated. Try not to speak !!! What you say will only make the scene more embarrassing !!!

Think of the computer as the face of mm, and you will know what to do!

2. Accurately grasp the time to create a space for meeting

Generally, MM asks you to repair your computer. If yes, it usually invites you to dinner. If she invites you to dinner, the specification is much higher than the cost of normal computer repair. Check whether someone on the computer is damaged.

For different mm, the bandits are of course not allowed, and some cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is very important to accurately control the time of the maintenance process. Here are some time calculation methods for beginners:

Use ghost to install an XP system. Generally, it takes about 25 minutes (if you are skilled, it will take 20 minutes)

It takes about one hour to automatically install an XP system (not even if the driver is installed)

It will take about half an hour to install an office (this can be selected in the Custom definition. If you want to delay the time, you can select all. You can win about half an hour)

The time is not enough for dinner, or it is time to eat but you don't want to go. You can install software to consume it slowly. If it is not enough, you can uninstall it several times!

When you get bored after years of computer repair, we recommend that you use the ghostversion of XP, which is highly integrated on the market, to install all the messy software at a time, the whole time is almost the same as installing an XP clean system. After the installation, you will leave. It is fast and easy to save. If you can reach this level, you should be married.

3. The process of repairing the MM computer is also the process of checking the MM character.
In fact, the computer repair conference is used to soak up the bandits of MM. Generally, they usually spend a lot of time with their computers and netizens, people who do not have much time to interact with the real mm in a fixed place (such as a university room, an English Corner, or a public social networking place. Many experts in this field have successfully repaired the computer while making up for their own marriage defects. They have successfully found the other half! However, not all encounters are a happy ending. In addition to the rpwt of bandits, the main reason is that they did not pay attention to the rpwt of mm when repairing computers. Some personal suggestions are provided:

If the MM will only stand on one side and watch you repair it, the cup of water won't be poured for you, unless she is too young to understand things, or such mm basically doesn't care about taking care of others, and do not respect others' labor and efforts. If this mm is not a big girl, forget it!

If mm will keep asking why, especially if it focuses on why you want to fix it like this, MM does not pay enough attention to the division of labor and prefers to take the lead in everything. It cannot respect authority and trust in reason, when you get home, you will only have an invigilator. If you don't like being called and don't have a tendency to be self-manipuled, you can still think of this mm!

If mm keeps asking you if you want to drink water, take a break, and ask about situations unrelated to computer repair, for example, how do you learn such a good technology, congratulations! This mm wants to bubble you !!! If this MM has always been enthusiastic about people, then this mm is good at PR and has strong management and organizational skills. This mm will become the supervisor in the future, but fortunately, it is a people-oriented management, and you will not be too painful. As long as it is not the type of overwhelming leadership, it is actually a good choice.

If there are not many mm words, I will pour you a cup of water silently, and then I will watch it and run it from time to help you deliver things. This is the kind of virtuous wife and good mother type that is willing to silently support you behind your back, if you are a business-dominated bandit, do not hesitate to create this MM !!! Awesome. (Think about dinosaurs)

If mM gives you something to eat, it proves that you are not outside of the world; If mm has never seen it before, it proves that you are very fond of it! Boy, you made money!

Mm is standing and watching you repair your computer. If you have a seat, you are close to your computer! Standing far away, if it is not the kind of super-good eyes, this MM has the consciousness of sharing the joys and sorrows. It is usually compassionate and more patriotic (you can check it by yourself)

Mm is sitting and watching you repair your computer. mm is sitting but not watching you. It will move your eyes to another place or do your own little action. It's dead! She is already interested!

Mm is lying down and watching you repair your computer (there are still !) This is what happens when I am familiar with it! This is the first time I have never met you. If so, it is rpwt !!!

MM went to take a bath while you were repairing the computer !) If you haven't taken a bath for three days, you will be treated as a family member. If this is the first time, you are advised to escape or lie down !!!

MM introduced her parents to you (to her house to repair the computer) or showed you photos of her family on the computer. She hopes to become your important friend.

MM introduced you to the computer when I was repairing the computer. The computer was actually okay. This mm thought you were a good guy. The fat water didn't flow to outsiders, and your sisters were cheap. Or her sisters fell in love recently, you need to find a kaizi to make a transition.

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