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Java (Java 2 Micro Edition) on mobile phones is a Java software specially used by Sun for embedded devices. The developed software and games can be used across platforms with good compatibility. Today's JAVA games have had a very gorgeous screen performance, but they have good playability and can run on mobile phones of different brands.
Here, I have summarized the top 10 Java mobile games I have ever played. The resolution is X and can be run on mainstream x mobile phones, for example, Nokia n73, n82, N95, and Sony Ericsson k790 can be run as long as Java is supported.
Tetris is a classic puzzle game. It is almost one of the most influential puzzle games in the world. The game itself is also very simple, as long as the drop blocks are constantly reduced. This game has been imitated by many versions. Here I am from EA's crazy Tetris mania ).
Super Bubble bobble is a game developed by Taito. The main character is two green and blue little dinosaurs who spit out bubbles to reduce the color balls on the screen, the game itself is easy to learn and interesting, and girls are addicted to it.
Super Mario Bros is a famous Horizontal Pass game developed by Nintendo. It is one of the most popular series games in the history of electronic games, and has become famous as early as Nintendo's era of red and white machines, this game has been transplanted to almost all Nintendo game consoles, including computers and mobile phones.
Pac-Man is a classic game developed by Namco. The yellow genie, the hero of the player's control game, eats all the beans hidden in the Maze and cannot be caught by "ghosts.
Retro snker is a veteran game on Nokia's mobile phone. It is short and playful, and is especially suitable for playing on mobile phones. It is said that more than one billion people have played the game.
Bejeweled is a very interesting puzzle game, a bit like "pair-to-touch". The game rules are very simple. It moves two adjacent diamonds, make any row generate three or more identical diamonds, that is, elimination. The above diamond falls by gravity.
Zuma (Zuma) is a casual puzzle game. The gameplay is similar to QQ Dragon Ball. It emits the beads in the middle and shoots the same color beads that are rolled out in the circle. Three beads can be cracked and eliminated, simple and interesting.
Bomberman is a maze-based game developed by Hudson. the main character of the game is a robot. The basic operation is to place a bomb and blow up the enemy in a cross-shaped manner, you can also blow yourself up, and some enhanced power and skill items increase the playability of the game.
Prince of Persia was a classic game in the 1990s S. I used to play one of the first games on dos. Unfortunately, the sequeners of games were not as old as one generation, gameloft re-developed and created the Persian prince generation, named Prince of Persia classic, and supported mobile phones. gameloft worked well on mobile phones.
The Sims is a game developed by Electronic Arts to simulate the lives of ordinary people. Players can control simulated characters for daily lives, Community Exchange and build houses. In a simulated world, we simulate real situations and control physiological and mental needs. The mobile phone version simplifies some of the original computer game factors, making it easy to operate on mobile phones.
The above 10 Java mobile games support the X resolution. Click here to download and use it.
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