"Transfer positive energy" 2014 touched my top ten micro Videos

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2014 is about to come to an end, this month is basically all aspects of the recall and summary. The last thing I should do before I finish this evening is 25 years old: Watch a movie alone. When I first started, I was not sure why I wanted to see a movie alone and then I didn't know what it meant. In "hurried that year," recalled the hurried past of the 25, to give themselves a quiet to experience the opportunity of loneliness, to Thanksgiving has gone youth, to repent of those regrets, to find the precious, to grasp the unknown future. Our life, our relationship with ourselves is undoubtedly the most important-you spend time with others, never compare with yourself in the long! Learn to spend time alone and fall in love with the feeling that it is an ability that is extremely valuable in every way.

Next I will summarize this year to me the biggest impact of the 10 audio, whenever watching time will not be the ground tears, every moment always touch the heartstrings! I hope you have some help in reading, if you ask me why I do this, I just want you to be happy, every person in the IT industry, every person who reads this document!

Top 1: "Turning point" Chinese name "turning points"

Reason for listing: each of your small actions can become the turning point of your own or someone else's life, can make a difference (influential, meaningful), do not care about what is done in the immediate see the results, but believe that, someday, Impact will occur. Or, the impact has happened, just you and I don't know ...

Address 1:http://v.qq.com/boke/page/z/0/m/z01422g2fcm.html

Address 2:http://v.qq.com/cover/u/u0m84fezpa9jg5m.html?vid=w0139vgvm8t

Top 2: "Never give Up" Chinese name "Never Give Up"

List reason: Failure is what you give up in the second of what happened, do not give up there is no failure! Your attitude is the scent of your heart, assuming your attitude is very bad, it means that your mind is not right. How to know your maximum value, the answer is in it.

Address 1:http://v.qq.com/boke/page/f/0/f/f0134hzsaff.html

Top 3: "You can Shine" Chinese name "you are able to shine"

Reasons for listing: Do not complain about life, accept the real self, you can break the pupa and disc, Bloom eternal Beautiful.

Address 1:http://v.qq.com/boke/page/h/0/u/h013249trxu.html

Address 2:http://v.qq.com/boke/page/b/0/h/b0132osoyqh.html

Top 4: "You Raise Me Up" Chinese name "You Inspire Me"

Reason for listing: Every person in your life now has a specific meaning, and sometimes you don't find it. Standing on his shoulder, you can climb the mountain, swim the deep sea

Address 1:http://v.qq.com/boke/page/s/0/a/s01412pbrxa.html

Address 2:http://v.qq.com/page/w/0/w/w0013ebra2w.html < Leehom Wang and Western Region boys >

Top 5: Public service advertisement "father put dumplings in his pocket for his son"

List reason: Father Love is deep, is also the most often neglected, broad shoulders is your permanent warm memory

Address 1:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_xnty5mde5mzc2.html

Top 6: "Mommy's here, son, where are you?"

Reason for listing: The 26 search for a child, spanning 24 provinces, just for the beloved-son. Life is given by parents, please cherish their own life, no matter when and where, for their sake, please treat your own life!

Address 1:http://v.qq.com/boke/page/r/0/m/r0141pjkklm.html

Top 7: "Is you the One"

List reason: Who are you, stroll together in the fragrant garden, together look at the bright night sky, together to wait for the morning light, together to swim in the sea, together walk to the end of life ! Insipid in pursuit of that romance, corruption to abide by the pure.

Address 1:http://play.baidu.com/?__methodname=mboxctrl.playsong&__argsvalue=18786307&fm=altg4&__o=aladin #loaded

Top 8: "You Love Never Change"

List reason: Remember the last time you moved to cry, you can imagine a man in front of the public because of faith and tears? Eyes because of more tears and increasingly clear, heart because careworn and more and more!

Address 1:http://v.qq.com/boke/page/k/0/n/k0138l1262n.html

Top 9: "Always Love"

Reasons for the list: Often say love the everlasting, how many degrees? Can always love forever?

Address 1:http://v.qq.com/boke/page/6/9/v/6934csp3oqv.html

Top 10: "The true Meaning of love"

Reason for listing: What is Love? How to express love? The simplest is also the hardest!

Address 1:http://e.cn.miaozhen.com/r.gif?k=2001846&p=6ri7v&ro=sm&rt=2&ns=[m_adip]&ni=[m_iesid] &v=[m_loc]&o=http://tskf.com.cn/122.htm

"Transfer positive energy" 2014 touched my top ten micro Videos

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