tutorial on installing MongoDB under Windows

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1. Download MongoDB


Find your own system version, 32-bit or 64-bit, download down

2. Unzip the downloaded installation package to the directory you want to install

For example: D:\xampp\mongodb, to facilitate the use of the command line, you need to add D:\xampp\mongodb\bin to the path of the system environment variable.

3. Start MongoDB

Start MongoDB using the Mongod--dbpath D:\xampp\mongodb\data command

C:\users\lxy>mongod--dbpath D:\xampp\mongodb\data
Wed APR 17:09:54.468 [Initandlisten] MongoDB starting:pid=12244 port=27017
Dbpath=d:\xampp\mongodb\data 64-bit host=ideabear-pc
Wed APR 17:09:54.469 [initandlisten] DB version v2.4.9
Wed APR 17:09:54.470 [Initandlisten] git version:52fe0d21959e32a5bdbecdc6205
Wed APR 17:09:54.471 [Initandlisten] Build info:windows Sys.getwindowsversio
N (major=6, minor=1, build=7601, platform=2, service_pack= ' Service Pack 1 ') BOOST
Wed APR 17:09:54.471 [Initandlisten] Allocator:system
Wed APR 17:09:54.472 [Initandlisten] Options: {dbpath: "D:\xampp\mongodb\dat
A "}
Wed APR 17:09:54.519 [Initandlisten] Journal Dir=d:\xampp\mongodb\data\journa
Wed APR 17:09:54.520 [Initandlisten] recover:no journal files present, no R
Ecovery needed
Wed APR 17:09:54.542 [fileallocator] allocating new datafile D:\xampp\mongodb
\DATA\LOCAL.NS, filling with zeroes ...
Wed APR 17:09:54.542 [fileallocator] Creating directory D:\xampp\mongodb\data
Wed APR 17:09:54.627 [fileallocator] done allocating datafile D:\xampp\mongod
B\data\local.ns, SIZE:16MB, took 0.083 secs
Wed APR 17:09:54.628 [fileallocator] allocating new datafile D:\xampp\mongodb
\data\local.0, filling with zeroes ...
Wed APR 17:09:54.838 [fileallocator] done allocating datafile D:\xampp\mongod
b\data\local.0, SIZE:64MB, took 0.208 secs
Wed APR 17:09:54.840 [initandlisten] command Local. $cmd command: {create: "s
Tartup_log ", size:10485760, capped:true} ntoreturn:1 keyupdates:0 reslen:37
Wed APR 17:09:54.844 [Initandlisten] waiting for connections on port 27017
Wed APR 17:09:54.943 [websvr] Admin Web console waiting for connections on PO
RT 28017

The last two lines indicate that the port of the database is 27017 and 28017. Open http://localhost:27017 in the browser and you can see some of its related information.

4. Install MongoDB as Windows service

Using commands Mongod--logpath D:\xampp\mongodb\log\MongoDB.log--logappend--dbpath D:\xampp\mongodb\data--directoryperdb-- ServiceName MongoDB--install Installation Service

Microsoft Windows [version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
D:\xampp\mongodb\bin>mongod--logpath D:\xampp\mongodb\log\MongoDB.log--logappend
--dbpath D:\xampp\mongodb\data--directoryperdb--servicename MongoDB--install
Wed APR 17:23:38.146 trying to install Windows service ' MongoDB '
Wed Apr 17:23:38.546 Service ' MongoDB ' (Mongo DB) installed with command line
' D:\xampp\mongodb\bin\mongod.exe--logpath D:\xampp\mongodb\log\MongoDB.log--l
Ogappend--dbpath D:\xampp\mongodb\data--directoryperdb--service '
Wed APR 17:23:38.546 Service can be started to the command line with ' Net S
Tart MongoDB '

Start Mongodb:net start MongoDB

Stop Mongodb:net Stop MongoDB

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