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There are two ways to adjust colors in Photoshop: channel adjustment and layer adjustment. Generally, the color adjustment commands used in Photoshop, such as & quot; & quot; and & quot; & quot;, are essentially through the & quot; Channel & quot; to adjust the color. This method is simple and convenient, and is also the default method of Photoshop. However, there are two ways to adjust the color in Photoshop: channel adjustment and layer adjustment.
Generally, the color adjustment commands used in Photoshop, such as "color order" and "color phase", are essentially implemented through "channels. This method is simple and convenient. it is also the default method of Photoshop, but it also has some defects. For example, in color adjustment, it is difficult to control details, some colors or saturation are difficult to reach, the quality of the image will be lost after multiple (or repeated) adjustments, and the color adjustment is irreversible, these shortcomings have brought many limitations in some demanding work.
Therefore, in professional graphics work, the "layer adjustment method" can be used in large quantities to make up for the above shortcomings. Here are some examples to introduce the application of the "layer adjustment method" in the work.
Case 1: add contrast

Clip image
1. copy this file (menu Image> Duplicate) and name it "Lab Image". in the new file, convert the Color to the Lab Color (Image> Mode> Lab Color );
2. select the Lightness channel of the file, select all images of the channel [Ctrl A], and copy [Ctrl C] to return to the start work file, paste [Ctrl V] to obtain the optimal brightness graph in the color graph;
3. set the layer to Luminosity in the drop-down menu of the layer panel (2)

Set the luminous mode in Photoshop
The final result is displayed.

Photoshop image effects
Comparison with conventional contrast addition methods: see.

Image effect comparison
We can clearly see the image of the common adjustment method, which has gone a long way in skin color and transition. If you want to increase the Contrast of an Image, you can add "Contrast" to the Brightness link layer (menu Image> Adjust> Brightness/Contrast, transparency can be directly increased, which is very convenient.
This contrast addition method retains the details of the source image better than the general method (such as contrast, color order, curve command, etc.) when increasing the same contrast, it is widely used in some extremely demanding graphic design (superstar advertising photos, art printing, image repair, CG creation and processing.

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