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Less exposure photo example how to brighten the skin without changing the background

Many people ask me how to adjust the color of people to brighten, and the background is not changed? Well, let's say three simple and easy ways to use this example. Of course, if necessary, three methods can be used at the same time in a picture. First look at the adjusted Picture: Photographer Jen Yen (Weibo: @ photographer Jen Yen) works The adjusted figure. Original. Look at the original image again. Well, this

How PS to brighten the photo

How PS to brighten the photo, this article to tell you, okay crap don't say much we'll see if this tutorial is your favorite. Final effect 1, open the original material, create curve adjustment layer, parameter set as shown below. 2, think the rails and skin color some partial mag

How to use photoshop to create a photo studio photo processing tutorial

To you photoshop software users to detailed analysis of the creation of the stage-dazzle effect of photo studio photo processing tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. We look at the effect of the picture, the latter effect of the basic use of material to render out, and now the owner of the studio requires the simplest minimum cost to create the most

Photoshop quiet mild tone photo Photo tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed analysis to share a quiet and gentle tone photo photo tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: This effect color is very simple, only need a few steps to adjust the value can be made, like to study. In fact, many times we get a picture is not any idea! Why? Because you don't analyze pictur

Digital photo processing example: use Photoshop to Process Photo backgrounds

Legend 1. Digital Photo source with a background Example 2: Remove a digital photo of interference in the background.How to use Photoshop to process the photo background and steps: Use Photoshop to process the background of a photo

Photoshop gives a natural color to the yellow photo photo

Magic Portrait Again, if you see where the wrong, there are problems, welcome in the comments, DMS and so on places pointed out, common progress, haha. This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to the yellow photo photo to pull out the natural color, the tutorial mainly from the early stage of photography to the later color all buttoned up, like friends to learn toget

Photoshop classic Chinese wind photo photo making tutorial

To give you Photoshop software users to share a detailed picture of the classical Chinese wind photo production tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Effect Chart: Original film: Initial adjustment of files into LR software First photo of the light, the level of adjustment (exposure, contrast, highlights,

Photoshop skillfully use layer blending mode to create photo photo singular style

Layer blending mode is often used in PS design, when Photoshop layer operation, the Layer Control Panel has an option that can affect layer overlay effect, we call it blending mode, It determines how the current layer and the next layer are synthesized, and the different layer patterns appear differently. There are similar blending modes in many other dashboards, such as brush tools, and command dialogs. The layer blending mode is widely used in the

PS Old photo Renovation tutorial Photoshop Common old photo repair tips

What happens when you see old photos in your life and want to make them into new ones? In fact, we can use some Photoshop old photo repair techniques to renovate old photos, next to learn PS old photo Renovation tutorial. PS Old photo Renovation tutorial Photoshop Common ol

Analysis of how photoshop puts a photo into a photo frame

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis to share the picture in the frame method. Method Sharing: "Run PS" "Open the frame material file" "Execute" file → place "character material file" "Perform the edit → transform → zoom" menu command, and then hold down the SHIFT key to reduce the photo to the same size as the wireframe "Right-click in the canva

Photoshop Pull portrait photo photo texture Blue tone

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to call portrait photo photo texture blue tone, mainly in the CR adjustment, and then into the PS with optional color adjustment details can be more simple palette, you see step diagram will know. Effect Chart: Original: Adjustments in the CR:

Photoshop to create charm and light beauty photo Photo processing tutorial

This PS tutorial using Photoshop to create the charm of beauty photo photo effect, like to learn oh. Tutorial Effect Chart: Original: 1: Dark color: curve, channel-Red 1 point (output 232, input 255) 2 o'clock (output 30, enter 0) Channel-Green 1 point (output 226, input 222) 2 o'clock (output 26, enter 0) Channel-Blue 1 point (output 255, in

Photoshop photo Beauty texture low saturation metal color photo post-Revision tutorial

The tutorial teaches you to use Photoshop to create pictures of beautiful photos with low saturation metal color photo effect. Original film analysis: This image color yellow, contrast is not strong, texture is not enough, the overall no too many attractions, which I will take the minimum and way to color, deepen the Dodge way to enhance the three-dimensional ... Artwork and Effect chart: 01:

Photoshop Photo Beautification Photo Tutorial

Do you have a lot of photos than their own meaning, below we will tell you to use Photoshop to beautify your photos, so that your photos attractive, good crap don't say we look at the photo Landscaping Processing Tutorial bar, first look at the original picture. Effect chart. 1. Create a new layer. Opacity is 20. Data like figure 2. Create a channel mixer adjust layer color mixing 113,0,7, channel -1

Photoshop photo exposure repair tutorial-PS tutorial

frequently asked questions and proudly present them to their families. We will show you some of the worst cases and show you how powerful Photoshop controls are in color correction and tone editing. If you find that a photo on the memory card encounters a flash issue during shooting or shooting under uncontrolled lighting conditions, refer to this chapter and compare the image. If your image is not as bad

Photoshop uses floral material to synthesize a fashion portrait photo effect tutorial

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the use of flower material to synthesize a fashion portrait photo effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. Add background Step 1 Create a new 1500 * 1500 pixel use the following settings document in Photoshop: (Because our picture pixel low 1000*1000 is enough)

Photoshop Weak light Photo palette method sharing

light? It turns out it's not that simple, and then you see what the overall effect is. 1. Use Photoshop to open RAW format original, the photo will automatically be loaded into camera raw. (here to specify the next weak light photography without raw format is simply dead, with a JPG to shoot the bottom of the basically do not have to look, because it has been powerless.) And then the basic plate t

Photoshop high saturation and high Contrast photo tuning tutorial

) Basic parameter adjustment The color temperature of the original film in 4800, the color temperature to the right pull, creating a warm sunny effect. ? Reduce the high light pressure dark sky, raise the shadow to improve the face and the brightness of the skin, and then pull the black color level to the right, so that the dark part brighter. ? clarity plus a little, so that the overall picture more texture and atmosphere, here need to pay attention to, clarity do not

Photoshop Photo Studio Holy Elegant Wedding Color processing tutorial

This article introduces PS Photo studio holy Elegant Wedding color processing, the first is mainly to use camera raw set tone, and then in PS with optional colors and other tools to adjust the details. Effect Chart: Original: First, in the camera raw in the adjustment of color temperature, to the cold tonal tone. Adjusts hue, saturation, and brightness. Second, open the image

Photoshop Blue sky and white clouds in the suburbs Scenery Photo Palette tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software to share the details of the blue sky and white clouds of the countryside scenery photos of the color of the course. Tutorial Sharing: Next to the point: we get a picture in the beginning of the later stage to form a first analysis of the habit, find the problem can be the right remedy, there will be no "do not know where to start the color palette" "Do not know how to tune" and other proble

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