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GUI design of touch-screen products: switch interaction design in GUI

Article Description: the state and function of the button. A few days ago occasionally looked at a touch-screen product GUI design, found a problem. The following picture is a switch for an application, can you see it? "On" indicates whet

JavaScript Impersonation Popup Confirmation dialog box

Such a universal window. The code is as follows construct () { setting={ ID: ' Window ID ', titletext: ", content: ' Content Text ',// parent:null,//window's parent handle is added to the body by

Smart selectors and semantic CSS

"The structure is always subject to function, which is the immutable rule," said Louis Sullivan, the architect of skyscraper's father. Because engineers don't want innocent people to be crushed under huge buildings, this thumb-like rule is quite usef

Asp+ Chinese Course (ii)----asp+ Web Forms

asp+|web| Tutorial | Chinese ASP + Web Forms, a Microsoft term, according to its own words, the ASP + Web Forms page framework is an upgradeable NGWS runtime programming model that can dynamically generate Web pages on the server. Not too understood,

JS Remove repeating character method in string

  This article mainly describes how to delete the characters in the string, the need for friends can refer to the following   Code as follows: <! DOCTYPE html> 

HTML5 Learning Notes--form

1, Form Properties In the HTML4, the subordinate elements within the form must be written inside the form, but in HTML5, you can write them anywhere on the page, and then give the element a form property whose value is the ID of the form unit, so yo

Django python Registration

def regist (Request): C ={} c.update (CSRF (Request)) if request.method== "POST": Username =request. post[' username '] email = Request. post[' email '] Password = Request. post[' password '] password1 = Request. post[' Password1 '] if username = = "

JSP & Servlet Session Control

Js|servlet| Control JSP & servlet Session Control Author: Guipei Objective As an important part of Java EE, the session processing occupies a very important position in the JSP and Servlet specification. At present, a lot of information is very

Efficient Dynamic Web pages with data binding

Dynamic | data | page data binding (Binding) is not a new concept, IE 4.0 has been given a wealth of support. However, data binding has not been given the attention it deserves, and many developers seem more willing to use server-side scripting. In p

DW-MX Making asp.net-Modification

ASP.net said last time to use Dreamweaver mx to build ASP. NET development environment, and in the full visual environment to do the data display and delete records and other functions. From the way it is implemented, all operations are entered in th

36 Important HTML Tags

1. <!? ?>: Annotation Every HTML tag has its uses, but when we write HTML code, we often roamed, ignoring a number of very important and particularly useful tags. Since so many tags

Asp. NET Learning article (3)--a few simple asp.ent examples

A webform--here will introduce the basic concepts of asp.net webform, as well as the changes in the table items. * Application of a database-how to use the DNS connection database set in Config.web, some basic usages of database Operation objects. *e

How Excel makes dynamic folding tree display data

Example: The company fruit sales in accordance with the region, store, fruit classification statistics show, the same type of data folding together, the client wants to see where to click on the "+" n

ASP Form form and QueryString collection use the detailed explanation (ii)

If you submit all except the third check box, the following results are generated in the Request.Form collection: Hobby = Hobby025, Hobby003, Hobby010 If you write a more complex collection traversal code, as described earlier (displaying each sub

An ASP learning notes (serial)

Notes ASP Learning Notes (i) 1. Highlight text <em> Text to display </em> 2. According to the user choice, makes the corresponding reaction (realizes in the client) SELECT case Document.Form1.card.options (selectedindex). Text Case "Val

tutorial on using HTML templates in Python

This article mainly introduces the use of HTML templates in Python tutorial, HTML template is a Python's major framework of a basic function, the need for friends can refer to the The web framework s

Backbone.js Series Tutorial 13: Creating a simple Contact application

Overview Imagine that you are using a spreadsheet tool. First create a form called a contact (that is, a collection), and then define the data field headings in the form, and enter "first name", "Last Name", and "phone" (a model) in the title. Basic

Site navigation user Experience Design: Selected status is highlighted or gray

A basic task point in navigation design is to accurately indicate the current selection, and improper design can easily cause user confusion. In particular, when there are only two list items, the design should be carefully designed to convey the cur

Ajax hacks-hack 5. Get normal string

Ajax| string Ajax hacks-hack 5. Get normal stringThe normal string is used to manage weather information, stock prices, and other times when you don't use XML.The request object can sometimes be applied to Web applications without using XML:request.

Introduction to support ASP.net MVC, webfrom form validation framework Validationsuar use

This article mainly introduces the support ASP.net MVC, webfrom form Verification Framework Validationsuar use introduction, this article explained the use step in detail, and gives a complete demo do

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