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Photoshop HD Photo file format plugin Chinese green version download _ Common Tools

The HD Photo file format plugin for Adobe Photoshop has finally been officially released, offering fully controllable tuning options that allow PS to support seamless output and input of excellent new WDP format files. This format is natively supported by Windows Vista above, and HD Photo you can now put it into use. Version: Release Date: December 5, 2

PhotoShop CS5 synthesis of butterfly specimens on display in frames

George Cairns will tell you how to combine multiple photos into a beautiful and unique piece of work. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download | Photoshop free Download View more PS Tutorials Software Preparation:

Photoshop classic Chinese wind photo photo making tutorial

and shadow of the character In the people's skin, background, clothing, headdress, leaves, flowers unified tone (PS tools: curves, levels, optional color) Finally stamp all the displayed layers: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E, add a layer of canvas texture to the layer (there is a texture in the filter) You can also download some textures on the web, so that the flavor of Chinese wind is mo

How to create a GIF animated photo on the back of a character in Photoshop-PS tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use Photoshop to create the photo effects of the busy GIF animation behind a character. The results of this tutorial are very good. we recommend that you use this tutorial, if you like it, you can learn how to create GIF animation in Photoshop. how can you make it? Now, I want to teach you how to use

Photoshop call out a later tutorial on the effect of a Japanese style photo

figure: (basically in the Lightroom has been defined in the general hue) 3. Then import the photos into the PS color palette: (This is a very classic Japanese color curve, suitable for many films, strength can be controlled freely; the lower part of this curve is to let the dark part is not true, if you want to pull out the partial film sense, the upper part can also pull lower, so that high light slightly dusty. ) 4. Curve Dot green, add some b

Photoshop Beauty Photo Sharpening skills

Digital photos after the color correction and so on to save the file before saving, sharpening processing, there are 2 main purposes to do so: one is the restoration part of the color correction in the process of editing the loss of meticulous texture, the second is to repair the slight focus of the photo. Sharpening is a way to improve the clarity of your photos. Sharpening processing of image quality is an irreversible damage operation, sharpening

Create the most stylish app photo effects! Free PS Action Download

For a lot of young people who love photo, Instagram is a very popular picture sharing application, and Instagram filter effect is very popular, but it is a pity that domestic users with Instagram is not very smooth. Now near the Spring Festival, I believe that everyone will have a large number of beautiful spring Festival, then how to add Instagram effects and HDR effects for these beauty maps? The simplest way, of course, is to use the Fool filter so

Photoshop late call soft beauty private Photo effect tutorial

Today, we invite senior digital later experts Liuzhong and portrait photography Zhang Kang, please Liuzhong teacher to comment on our special photographer Zhang Kang "Private Color" PS scroll. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download | Photoshop free

Photoshop Brush making photo effects tutorial

In ancient times there is a way to deal with the ciphertext, the fire can be baked to appear, the effect is very unique. Today, we use Photoshop to do a special effect, so that the photo can not only make the effects, but also to make a brush out of the texture feel. Let's have a look! Before and after processing contrast chart Before processing After processing Background and br

Photoshop finished photo watercolor processing effect

Let's look at the final effect. Step 1 Open Photoshop, create a new document, my settings are 1920x1200px. Step 2 Add a new layer. Fill white, and then make sure the foreground color is black with a white background color. Then click Filter > Texture > Texture. With canvas texture, 75% zoom. Highlight 3. The light source is on the right. Step 3 Let's add a nice texture. You can use the Kraft material we

Photoshop quickly calls out a later tutorial on the effect of a Japanese retro-colored photo

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the rapid transfer of the Japanese retro-tonal photo effect of the later tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: The original picture of the overall dark, low color, later we go to retro film color adjustment, mainly to highlight and add warm, the method is very simple, to step can do, the tutorial has a preset, the need to

Photoshop photos processed as old anti-ancient photo effect

Original material picture Old photo effect after processing 1, open your Photoshop software, if there is no Baidu to download a, and then open your photos, add hue and saturation for the photo, the parameters shown in the f

Photoshop Photos of couples photo super textured metal complexion

the girl's face out of another picture and change it. "Ask for nature to be true." Small share: Pay attention to the role of the shape and size of the red leaves of the convergence of the place to coincide, the proportion of all aspects, and sometimes used to liquefaction. 3: Black background monotonous, I found a piece of coarse particles very heavy material, and then adjusted the color, tuned a tone. Note: Clothing also uses the color to Halo dye, the effect will be better, mor

Photoshop Blue sky and white clouds in the suburbs Scenery Photo Palette tutorial

as the old, first copy the layer, and then remove the impact of the beautiful wire, some small dirty point, you can start to color. After the ACR adjustment, it was found that the clouds in the sky were slightly red, and the blue part was polished as the sky went red. And then polish the lawn. Then use the color balance of the picture's overall color fine-tuning, and finally back to ACR to add some dark angle to the picture and grassland to

Photoshop brings up the character photo warm effect

Photo processing tutorial, create warm fantasy colors with an ordinary photo.   The final effect of the Photoshop tutorial 1. The picture below is the one I want to make and paste it onto the canvas. Copy the girl layer, click on "Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur" and set it as follows, set the layer blending mode to "overlay" when finishe

Photoshop Senior Assistant--extensis Photo Graphics (i)

When using Photoshop, senior friends often want to draw some geometry, a curve of words, and so on. But this often puzzles the people, because in Photoshop does not have this function at all. Ask the prawn on the Internet, often tell you to use CorelDRAW or illustrator to complete the production. So you have to spend hundreds of megabytes of space illustrator these big guys, and then in which to draw out th

Photoshop quickly touches the photo

Life Photo palette requires a sense of realism. Color range can not be too large, especially when the character part of the color, to maintain the original details. The tones and light sense seem to be natural. Original Final effect 1, with Photoshop open the original image, unlock, copy a layer to get layer 1, and then perform: Image adjustment automatic color, automatic contrast, automatic color, a

Photoshop composite Dark Melancholy photo scene tutorial

Effect Material The Photoshop tutorial begins: In this photo processing tutorial, we will create a melancholy and fascinating work with Photoshop. Here, I will show you the image seamless integration of a variety of technologies. We'll discuss how to draw real light and shadow, how to create a moving sky effect like it just comes from a long expo

Photoshop animation hand-painted wind photo effect tutorial

adjustment. Show detail adjustment, first as a building, he has high reflective glass, but, glass now reflects not our sky reflects the clouds, but the original with some scenes, now, we are man-made glass reflection 1. The same W-magic wand, we now need to select all the glass constituencies 2. Select the background layer of the sky, Crlt+j copy a layer, put on the top, and then find the right selection location Crlt+j Copy and then delete that

Photoshop turns a normal photo into a cartoon effect

Use Photoshop two filters to easily convert a normal photo into a cartoon effect. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download | Photoshop free

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