U3D developer benefits MATRIX: The UNITY game technical consulting service is available free of charge, u3dunity

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U3D developer benefits MATRIX: The UNITY game technical consulting service is available free of charge, u3dunity

The UNITE 2015 BEIJING was held at the BEIJING National Convention Center on April 18-20, 2015. At the press conference hailed as the "industry vane", Fu guoxin, president of Unity Greater China, mentioned that in 2015, Unity will focus on developing online value-added services globally, it also announced that Unity will start "Matrix game technical consulting" in Greater China ".

Matrix-the most professional gaming technology consulting Platform

Matrix is developed by the Technical Consulting Team of Unity Greater China to help the game team locate and solve performance problems encountered during game development more conveniently and accurately. The Unity Technical Support Team has accumulated rich experience in game development through a large amount of technical support work. Thousands of technical questions, more than 10 million technical training and on-site technical support, a wide range of technical solutions, and more than Profiler data analysis, these provide a solid technical foundation for Matrix game technical consulting.

Matrix Game Technical Consultation: includes two functions: Game Performance real machine test and analysis, and Assetbundle resource detection.

Game Performance real Machine Test Analysis

Through 10-20 minutes of testing games on mobile terminal devices of different grades, detailed extraction and analysis of various data that affect performance are carried out, provides complete analysis reports and optimization suggestions.


  • Run the performance test:Test the overall performance data of a game running on a specified terminal, including CPU performance, GPU performance, memory usage, and Draw Call statistics.
  • Resource usage test:Test the usage of various resources during game running, including textures, grids, animated clips, and audio files.
  • Code efficiency test:Test the specific time used by each code function frame during game running. A large number of time-consuming functions exist in each frame. At the same time, test the cumulative heap memory allocation of each code function for a period of time, including recording the heap memory allocation function and GC system call frequency.
  • Crash information report:Records detailed crash information encountered during game operation, including the specific crash type and stack information.
AssetBundle resource Detection and Analysis

Detects the AssetBundle File Created by the user, so as to provide users with detailed analysis of the usage of game resources.


  • Resource usage test: detects the specific resource information contained in the game AssetBundle file.
  • Resource redundancy test: checks the redundancy of resources in the game AssetBundle file.
  • Dependency test: checks the dependencies between AssetBundle files.
Matrix Service Team

All the above services are implemented by the Unity Greater China Technical Consulting Team. This team includes development engineers who are very familiar with the underlying code of the Unity engine and support engineers who have rich experience in Unity game development. All team members have a Master's degree or above and years of experience in game engine development or game project development.

UNITE-Matrix real machine test lab

To allow more Unity developers to experience the Professional platform of Matrix, a Matrix real machine testing lab was officially set up at the UNITE 2015 BEIJING venue. 27 games were tested on site, and the test report was explained to the customer and optimization suggestions were put forward. Within three days after the UNITE, more than 100 registered teams and 18 test projects have been registered.

Use it now!

Now we can use Matrix, provide detailed performance data, and perform in-depth experience analysis. This greatly reduces the bottleneck of game optimization and allows the R & D team to further optimize the game.

Martrix is the most professional mobile game technology consulting platform and is free for all Unity developers! Click my trial!

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