UC Browser Android mobile version of the download speed is very slow how to do?

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UC Browser Android mobile version of the download speed is very slow how to do? UC Browser is the first based on large data analysis user interest, into the information flow interactive experience, to provide users with personalized reading experience of the mobile browser, much loved by everyone. UC Browser Download video is a big browser faster, but recently some netizens asked, other browser download speed generally have 700~900kb around, why is the UC browser download speed is 60~80kb about it? UC Browser download speed is slow, the main reasons are: slow speed, Memory footprint too much mobile phone cotton, signal poor. Below, a small series for you to explain the UC browser Android mobile version of the slow download speed of the solution.

  UC Browser Android mobile version of the slow download speed solution

I would like to ask you to compare the use of other browsers, if only UC browser this problem, we recommend to try the operation:

1, please compare yourself with a browser download try to determine whether the source of the file itself has problems

2, please replace the download path, if the default path is SD, please replace the fuselage memory, to determine whether the SD card is broken

3, please compare the resources of other websites to download to try, confirm is all can not download, or individual website can not download

4, enter the menu-set-more-speed/save flow-on/off cloud acceleration; "Apad"

5, enter the menu-settings-more-browser settings-Change the browser identity (UA)

6, enter the mobile phone network settings Change access point, to Net/wap, or use WiFi. If there is still a problem, please continue to feedback to us, we will be the first time for you to follow up.

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