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Welcome to the fascinating world of Mac OS X 10.2. The combination of Unix's powerful features, excellent stability, and the legendary simplicity and elegance of the Macintosh has created a superb modern operating system--mac 0S X 10.2. 1.1 Mac OS X 10.2 's new face--aquamac the Aqua interface in OS x 10.2 is shown in Figure 1-1. The new Aqua interface makes the elements in the Mac interface more streamlined, more intuitive and more efficient to use. Aqua provides users with a range of new organizational features, including the dock and finder. The simplicity of the harness allows you to personalize your system in more ways, while facilitating access to applications, files, external devices, networks, and the Internet.

The Finder's new finder continues the sophisticated, concise tradition of Macintosh, which offers many new features that make your work environment more efficient. Simple operation, a single Window interface is easier than ever to browse hard drives, external FireWire and USB drives, CD-ROMs, LANs, and even folders in your idisk. The buttons in the toolbar let you quickly and easily find the most commonly used items, such as hard disks, servers, applications, documents, and even search for the required files by typing the keyword in the toolbar's search box. To customize the Finder to your own needs, simply drag and drop the tool button where you want it. In addition to the familiar icons and list browsing, you can also choose a new column browsing, which can clearly display the hierarchy of hard disk folders in the same window, facilitate users to access the deep file system, column browsing can also easily preview the file, as shown in Figure 1-2

It's easy to connect to users ' idisk, servers, and Macs from the Finder, as well as the ability to browse PC-shared resources as easily as you can access an Apple machine. As shown in Figure 1-3, these devices appear in the Finder in the same way as another hard drive, and users can easily browse files for file sharing.

Dock's innovative, customizable dock allows you to quickly and easily access the most commonly used applications, dragging your favorite applications, folders, and even web addresses to the dock for easy access, as shown in Figure 1-4.

To help you organize, the dock keeps the application on the left and the other items on the right. You can adjust its maximize and auto hide function to match your work space. Minimize open windows to the dock to help you manage your workspace, and simply click the icon to maximize the Windows. The dock icon allows you to visually feedback the project information stored in it. For example, the mail icon can show how many new messages are available. The triangle under the icon tells you which applications are currently running. Dock Extras allows users to browse or adjust the most commonly used system controls in the dock, such as battery usage, display settings, airport signal strength, and so on. Click the icon on the dock with your mouse do not let go, wait a moment to see the pop-up menu, you can browse the contents of the folder or select application Options.

Apple menu Apple menu allows users to access system features at any time, you can open recently used documents or applications, quickly change system settings, show or hide the dock, restart or exit the system.

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