Update the intelligent development progress and intelligent development progress

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Update the intelligent development progress and intelligent development progress

Another year's National Day, October indicates receipt, and October also indicates that 2014 has already passed more than half ......

This year's national day has a special situation at home. I did not go home. I recall that every year I was so happy to embark on the train to go home. It was a little sad and unbearable...

We will continue to stay in Shenzhen, while enjoying our daily lives and walking around, while testing the performance of the smart switch, because we have not yet formed a batch. At present, PCB welding mainly relies on our own manual welding, which is a little effort-consuming,

From two o'clock P.M. AM to AM, the poor five were processed. However, the switch hardware is still competitive, and all processed products can run normally. It is currently being tested by the host machine.

Continue with a few full-body photos of smart switches. We plan to create 20 photos manually. If you are interested in our products or technologies, contact QQ: 5263 8235.

Although I am a bit paranoid, but with this persistence, I finally completed a relatively stable version with guaranteed performance. Of course, the test has to continue and strengthen. Come on!

The picture is not very clear at all,

How many years has smart phone R & D taken place in production?

I don't quite understand your problem. Do you mean the development history of a smartphone product or the time it takes for a mobile phone to be developed to become a product? If it is the latter, the time is very different. The first choice is to have a technical team that can enter the door, and then the time required to select different solutions is different. The MDK solution should be the fastest, it provides complete software and hardware solutions. I think it will be enough for three months without any tests.

What is the progress of oppo smart machine R & D? Someone knows? Which of the following parameters has been exposed?

E21w has been exposed, with a MHz CPU and 3 GB of Unicom. As for the other one, I still don't know when to go public. At present, it may be E21w. It is estimated that this configuration is also valuable, and so low cpu will never bring Android. As for the one you mentioned, I guess Nokia's Vivo and Mio systems are out, and it may not come. We are looking forward to meizu's M9.

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