Use Air to develop QR code scanning tools and air scanning tools

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Use Air to develop QR code scanning tools and air scanning tools

This section briefly introduces the core points of implementation and several issues that need attention:
Use open source Class Library: Zxing, also used this:

1. Camera development permission is required in app. xml:
<Uses-permission android: name = "android. permission. CAMERA"/>

2. The problem of rotating the video captured by the camera:
Note This section in the api documentation: the Camera instance captures videos in a horizontal aspect ratio. On a device (such as a mobile phone) that can change the screen direction, the Video object associated with the camera only displays the vertical Video in the aspect ratio. Therefore, mobile apps should use landscape orientation when displaying videos and should not rotate automatically.

3. the decode BitmapData object is very difficult:
The apk In the debug version is very card, and it is good on the real‑version, but there are still some cards. We had to slightly reduce the size of some images or look for other better ways to optimize them.

Reference page: M = content & c = index & a = show & catid = 14 & id = 117


The following is a screenshot of a mobile phone:

Is there any built-in scanner for ipad air, such as the QR code scanner?

Ipad air does not have its own scanner and QR code scanner. You need to download software from the App Store, for example, "QR code scanning, bar code price comparison, qq and other application software can be achieved!

How to Use iPad to scan QR code

In the appstore, download the QR code recognition application, such as "pay for Pat. However, the auto focus of ipad2 cameras is not as good as that of iPhone 4.

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