Use Chrome to run Android applications on Windows

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Use Chrome to run Android applications on Windows

I found this interesting thing: running the Android App on Chrome!

Note: This tutorial is only applicable to Chrome on Windows.

For details about how to use Chrome to run Android applications on Linux, see


1. Chrome browser (version 37 or above)

2. Node. js ( /)

3. ARChon runtime: Click to download (Baidu cloud)

Install the running environment:

First, install Node. js, and then open "Node. js command prompt"

In the open command window, enter:

npm install chromeos-apk -g

Ignore the error message and close the window.

Decompress the downloaded ARChon runtime, open the Chrome browser, select Settings-Extended Program, click "load the Extended Program under development", locate the ARChon runtime directory, and click OK.

This project indicates that the installation is successful.

Next, download the sample file (com. uberspot. (see the resource download of the Helper's house below), load the file in the same way as during the loading and running process, and click the start button to check whether the file can be started. If the file can be started, congratulations, the installation is successful during running.

Run a custom program

There are two ways to create a custom program. The first is as mentioned above, run commands similar to the following using the Node. js command line:

Chromeos-apk plugin installation package name.apk-archon

In this way, a folder is automatically generated and loaded as mentioned above.

Another method is to manually edit the folder. Download the sample folder (_ template) (see the resource download of the Helper's house below) and edit it:

  1. Find the Apk file and Apk package name of the application you want to run (similar to us. shandian. strings such as blacklight can be found at links of the Play Store and cool market. You can also manually decompress the Apk in AndroidManifest. in xml .)
  2. Copy the "_ template" directory and rename the new directory to the package name.
  3. Copy the Apk file to the \ vendor \ chromium \ crx directory.
  4. Edit manifest. json to adapt to the application: change the "apkList" item to the copied Apk file name, and change "name" and "packagename" to the package name. You can also set "formFactor" and "orientation" to apply the application to the layout of a tablet or mobile phone, either horizontally or vertically. When running ARChon, You need to delete the entire "key" item.
  5. Use the "load developing extension" function to load this folder and click Run test.

Of course, not all Android applications can run through Chrome, and the current runtime may not be stable enough, so just a bit of fun.

Download related files:

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Free in

The username and password are both

The specific download directory runs the Android App on/July 15,/July 26,/Chrome.

For the download method, see

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Some details

1. When the API Level is greater than or equal to 19, the test software shows Android 4.4:

2. The input text will call the system input method:

3. When the application needs to upload file data, it will call the resource manager:

4. The application of the paper player is a little tragic because of the Resolution problem. Of course, you can adjust the resolution... References

For more details about the running time and application compatibility, visit: English | Chinese version.

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