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MAC OS X Lion the way to open all windows of an inactive program

In the MAC OS X Lion System, users turn on the three-finger drop gesture, discovering that it is only possible to open the window of the current application, but not to other inactive programs. But sometimes we want to open the windows of other applications without switching the application, so what do we do?  

ASP. NET 5, an open-source edition released by Microsoft: supports running on Windows, Mac, and Linux

ASP. NET 5, an open-source edition released by Microsoft: supports running on Windows, Mac, and Linux In today's blog, Scott Guthrie announced ASP. NET 5. The biggest change it brings is the first open-source version that supports cross-platform since its birth in the past 15 years. As part of Visual Studio CTP 6, thi

Microsoft announced that the. NET development environment will support three open-source operating systems (windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and. netos

Microsoft announced that the. NET development environment will support three open-source operating systems (windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), and. netos Microsoft announced the. NET open-source development framework program on Wednesday (November 12. The company intends to use GitHub to

Microsoft announces. NET development environment will open source support for three major operating systems (Windows,mac OS x and Linux) (RPM)

Microsoft announced in Wednesday (November 13). NET Development Framework Open source program. The company intends to use this for a long time only in the development environment under Windows, open Source via GitHub, to enable cross-platform support for Mac OS X and Linux. According to Microsoft's announced plans, the

How to use Mac to run Windows on Mac all tips

Leopard, Boot Camp is included in the new leopard by default. Users want to be able to switch between Mac and the Windows operating system without restarting the computer, which requires the use of boot camp or the Mac version of Parallels Desktop. This $79.99 application runs fairly well in a Mac OS X environment an

Is your Mac dual-system installed ?? Why is your Mac Drive broken ?? The Windows System on your Mac has crashed. Okay, I am doing this.

In October 29, a very bad day, XP went on strike for a year and a half. Okay, this is not a problem. Just reinstall the system. Restart the system and enter Mac OS X. Start boot camp and put it into the XP system disk. As a result, the system disk was rejected by my Mac when I heard the sound of a choppy sound from the optical drive. I have also encountered Mac d

Windows under Virtual machine installation Mac OS x-–vm12 install Mac OS X 10.11

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________Note: This article is from:csdn:n column .windows under Virtual machine installation Mac OS x-–vm12 install Mac OS X 10.11____________________________

Mac tips-making Mac easy to access Windows network sharing

applicable in this version! Of course, Mac won't caster this important feature! There is an SMB protocol! Shell code smb: // Enter smb: // zlex@ in the address bar:The system will prompt you to enter the username secret:Click Connect to bring up the following window:Well, Houjie, one of the things I need!Open it! There is a computer with the IP address in the sharing on the left!

Windows and Mac configuration Apache, and Mac install MySQL

the database password, enter a new password, set the success of the new password can be entered into the database Recommended MySQL Command Window on Mac: Oh-my-zsh when you build a database, you should set the character set to UTF8 defaultcollection, or the database may not plug in the Chinese character configuration database password : Skip Database Password 1. Edit/etc/my.cnf (if not, copy the/USR/LOCAL/MYSQL/SUPPORT-FILES/MY-DEFAULT.CNF (system r

Mac remote control Mac and Windows

) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 1.jpg " alt= "Wkiol1clgfoa4x9oaaddyuaicni998.jpg"/>4. Enter the VNC address, click the connection "Connect" we can open the Screen Sharing Control window, enter the computer you want to control the user name and password, press ENTER after you can control the Mac computer any way:650) this.width=650; "s

Mac OS X: Implementing Read and write operations on Mac OS and windows for mobile hard drives

Brief introduction:Mac OS can only read in NTFS format by default.The existing NTFS file system format of the mobile hard disk, inserted on Mac OS mounted after the read-only mode (read-only), unable to write operations.650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" read-only "alt = "Wkiom1xhvzuqszgmaa4vknwnx0u433.jpg"/>Objective: You want to be able to read and write to both

MAC OS x Create Windows Extended partitions with Windows 8 dual boot environments

supports only four primary partitions or three primary partitions + one extended partition. The scenario now is that Mac OS X occupies 3 primary partitions (boot partitions, Macintosh HD, hidden partitions) and Windows 8 occupies a partition. Four primary areas are used, so it is not possible to continue creating new partitions on basic disks. My requirement is to create an extended partition, so there ar

How to install Mac with VM virtual machine under Windows How to start Mac Apple OS root user account

Install Mac OS with VM virtual machine under Windows, start root user account on Apple ComputerFirst download two files one is unlocker,: Link: Password: 6nyrOne is OS X 10.11.1 (15b42). CDR:: Link: Password: tjvi1 Create virtual machine, click New virtual Machine Select typical2 Install the program CD now3 Select all files in the downloaded di

[Mac entry] If you open a program or file faster

Today, a user asked me if I could use Ctrl + R to quickly open programs/folders in windows. Is there any similar function in Mac? This article will introduce some of my general practices. 1. What is Ctrl + R in windows? I'm going to start by explaining Ctrl + R. I hope you will not bother me ~. In

Windows 8 and MacOS10.9 dual-system installation and Mac common software installation-Lenovo E49A

FrameWork 3.5. Run Chameleon Install.exe as an administrator. Click Install as follows: At this time, restart the system and enter the chameleon startup interface. Install HFS + For Windows 10.2 Run the MSI file directly and install it in the 10-day trial mode. After the installation is started, enter the serial number when prompted. I will repeat it again. It is first installed in the 10-day trial mode. After the installation is started, enter the

Remember an upload image to the image of the bed tool plug-in implementation (Mac version Open source)

Mac version upload image tool plug-in implementationGiven that blogging manually uploaded to the bed is cumbersome, a long time ago wrote a Windows version of the software plug-in, used to quickly upload pictures to the picture bedRe-packaging users over billions of open source software-adding images automatically uploaded to the function of the image bedNow chan

Connect to a Windows shared printer from a MAC address (2)

; share tag (Sharing), open share and give a suitable share name, such as XPS. Each shared printer is the same as a shared folder, and there is a small hand under its icon. In this way, you can use the "\ computer name \ shared printer name" method to access other Windows machines, and use your own access method on the Mac system. Is a shared printer on

Detailed steps for setting up an SVN server on a Windows 7 virtual machine under Mac (This method is also for simple Windows system build SVN)

---restore content starts---Then the previous article (, next for the small partners to share about the Mac build Windows 7 virtual machine to build SVN on the specific method, no nonsense to say, Directly on the dry goods.First, prepare the material: Mac under Windows

Scrapy installation -------- Windows, linux, mac and other operating platforms, windows Operating linux tools

Scrapy installation -------- Windows, linux, mac and other operating platforms, windows Operating linux toolsScrapy Installation Scrapy can be installed in multiple ways. It supports Python or later, or Python or later. The following describes the scrapy Installation Process in the py3 environment. Scrapy depends on a large number of databases. It must at least r

Installation of Win8.1+mac OS X 10.10 Dual system tutorial in Windows environment

system and click Install 22. Unpack the within the Toolkit to replace the Wowpc.iso in the copy file to the C drive (system disk) root directory Wowpc.iso    3. Add a chameleon to the boot entry using EASYBCD (available in the kit)Follow the order in the picture   Three. Write to Mac OS X10.10 system image1. Check if the hard drive is turned on AHCI(Mac syst

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