Use Google Docs to monitor whether the website is online

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There are many tools and services for monitoring servers and VPS. For example, open-source tools include Nagios, Cacti, Zabbix, Zenoss, Ganglia ,... If you do not want to host these monitoring software, you can consider outsourcing to third-party services, such as Pingdom, ServerDensity, ScoutApp, and PagerDuty. If you don't have many requirements, just want to monitor the website, rather than the performance metrics of the entire server, you can consider some free monitoring services, such as monitor. us, SiteUptime, Montastic, site24x7... Here is a completely different alternative method. Google Docs is used to monitor websites, and free mobile phone alarm functions are also provided!

Click here to create a page asking if you want to copy a document:

Google DocsMake a new copy of this document? This copy will appear in your document list. Yes, make a copy.

Select Yes and make a copy. then, a file named Copy of Website Monitor will be generated in your Google Docs. Enter the Wbsite URLs to be monitored as prompted, the Email Address used for monitoring alarms, and the SMS prompt will be sent.


Website URLs: Email Address: SMS communications: Help ::

After entering the information, run Step 1: Initialize and Step 2: Start of Website Monitor on the menu. If you do not need it, Uninstall (Stop). The default monitoring frequency is to check the Website every 5 minutes.

If you are interested in the code, you can refer to the original article Website Monitor with Google Docs.

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