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Offsite document processing borrowing power "Google Docs"

Received a notice from the school leader to participate in the "Best Teacher Team" selection event with two other colleagues in three days. The three of us were far away from each other, making it inconvenient to sit together and make teaching plans. There is a form in the lesson plan that clearly classifies the work that everyone needs to do independently and the work they have done together. Therefore, the need to deal with the platform to support the operation of the table, but fortunately, G

Google Docs download-quick batch download of Google Docs documents

Google Docs DownloadIs the Greasemonkey script of Firefox, used to downloadGoogle DocsDocumentation, with DownThemAll extension, batch download can be implemented. Today andGoogle DocsFinished,Google Docs DownloadUnlike GDocBackup, the download format is optional or specified. InstallGoogle

A Google Docs client tool we made by ourselves. welcome to use it.

is a very small tool. The installation file is only 3 MB in size, and the runtime memory usage is about 5 MB. This tool is developed based on Google document list API 3.0. Through the HTTP protocol and Google Docs API exchange, all communications are SSL encrypted. Security is trustworthy. Currently, the software vers

Syncovery:google Docs protocol completely replaced with Google drive

Google Docs protocol completely replaced with Google DriveIn May, the older Google Docs API is shut down by Google, and it can no longer be used.It has been completely replaced and the newer G

Use Google Docs to monitor whether the website is online

There are many tools and services for monitoring servers and VPS. For example, open-source tools include Nagios, Cacti, Zabbix, Zenoss, Ganglia ,... If you do not want to host these monitoring software, you can consider outsourcing to third-party services, such as Pingdom, ServerDensity, ScoutApp, and PagerDuty. If you don't have many requirements, just want to monitor the website, rather than the performance metrics of the entire server, you can consider some free monitoring services, such as m

Google Docs optimizes the access interface for mobile devices

Last week, Google released the desktop version of Gmail online app's support for office document preview, and today they released the mobile version of Google Docs's support for office document preview, now users of Android, iPhone, and iPad can see the document preview inte

Firefox + gmail + Google Docs cross-platform collaborative Office

Let 1000 people from all over the world work together to write a novel or paper? M $ office? No. Can openoffice? No.Google DocsYes! Now you only need a gmail mailbox and a Firefox browser to run the office locally, common features such as m $ office, openoffice, abiword, and gnumeric, as well as collaborative office functions that cannot be implemented by local office. You can also use a mailbox that is not at the end of @, such as a;, but must be registered on the

OffiSync-integrated MS Office with Google Docs

OffiSync can be integratedMS OfficeAndGoogle Docs, UseMS OfficePowerful local processing capabilities andGoogle DocsAwesome cloud service for local useMS OfficeOpen, edit, and saveGoogle Docs. SupportedWord documents and Excel tablesAndPower Point slides.Take the list of available Dabr services that I currently know as an example. Opening, editing, and saving can all be done in a local Word.For frequent use

Update Excel charts in real time with Google Docs

For many who do financial work or are writing financial blog sites, and often on business trip friends, it is not easy to update the content of the blog (or unit Web site Collaborative Office System) on the outside is not easily: the lack of professional software greatly restricts their work. If the chart can be synchronized automatically updates in real time, how good! At this time thought of the network is crazy popular online office system, after some pondering found that "

Offisync-google docs the perfect combination with Office

In today's Internet era, network office has become a new trend, so support Office document editing Google Docs online office services emerged. However, Google Docs currently has limited functionality, it is difficult to meet all the requirements of day-to-day office. Many us

In the face of Excel and Google Docs, we are still innovating. We can't hack it, but we can cut off one of its toes first.

The first name is "killing excel". Later I thought that we should keep a low profile and name it "we are still innovating in the face of Excel and Google Docs ". Chrome subverts ie; IPhone revolutionizes Microsoft Windows Mobile and Nokia Saipan; Chrome book subverts windows; Bully Microsoft xiaoice chatbots; Prezi subverts PPT; We use Excel. We can't hack it, but we can cut off one of its toes first. Exc

Microsoft shot: Live office and Google document PK

Microsoft is definitely the leader in the software industry. With the help of windows 7 and office 2010, Microsoft has finally made major updates on online network applications, the new Live application, fundamentally eclipsed Google's online documentation. Google online documentation ( has been an online document editing tool for row resource recommendations, but it cannot fundamenta

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