OffiSync-integrated MS Office with Google Docs

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OffiSync can be integratedMS OfficeAndGoogle Docs, UseMS OfficePowerful local processing capabilities andGoogle DocsAwesome cloud service for local useMS OfficeOpen, edit, and saveGoogle Docs. SupportedWord documents and Excel tablesAndPower Point slides.

Take the list of available Dabr services that I currently know as an example. Opening, editing, and saving can all be done in a local Word.

For frequent useMS OfficeFor exampleGoogle DocsIt takes time to adapt, and when the network condition or browser is not very good, useGoogle DocsIt will be very troublesome.

Google DocsThe core is that you can edit your documents anytime anywhere, which is very important for mobile office.OffiSyncBy integrating the two, the "perfect" solution solves the problem of coexistence between the two. Maybe Microsoft and Google can benefit more people.

"Perfect" is enclosed in quotation marks because:OffiSyncNew documents cannot be created and can only be edited.Google Docs...

WhileMS OfficeAndGoogle DocsIn additionGmail, I believe it is better than most OA systems.

When saving the document, the synchronization window appears. After that, you canGoogle DocsSee the edited document.

In addition, a bad message is:OffiSyncMust be installed online, around 8 Mb.

Please go here download:

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